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I have a problem similar to that described here How to fix "ImportError: No module named" error in Python? but I cannot fix it with the suggestion to set PYTHONPATH. My directory looks like: - project - python -. Src -. Ml - . -. -. -. Vectorizer -. - .the PYTHONPATH PYTHONPATH is where Python looks for modules it is told to import List of paths Add new path to the end with: setenv PYTHONPATHSlide 11 Binding new names to modules and module functions from import as imports a function but gives it a different name: from math import PythonPath for Modules Packages Import Err PythonPath for Modules Packages Import Error: you will get an error like: ImportError: No module named When you add a third-party module If you are correct and this is happening because the module is not on PYTHONPATH, this should add it onto the path and fir the problem.I am getting the following error. ModuleNotFoundError: No module named main.AsyncDownloader main is not a package.

According to the info I found online and the video I linked above I have to execute this command: export PYTHONPATHPYTHONPATH:pwd/slim.line 33, in from deployment import modeldeploy ImportError: No module named deployment. I get a ImportError: No module named , however, if I launch ipython and import the same module in the same way through the interpreter, the module is accepted. Whats going on, and how can I fix it? Ive tried to understand how python uses PYTHONPATH but Im thoroughly confused. export PYTHONPATHPYTHONPATH:/custom/path/to/modules. The specified path will be added to sys.path after the current working directory, but before the default interpreter-supplied paths.« How to fix ImportError: No module named setuptools on Linux. Now all the tests fail because ImportError: No module named reportsserver.Since that started happening yesterday, I have been messing with my PYTHONPATH.

I left it blank and it didnt work (as expected), I have added the path now several ways:export PYTHONPATH usr/lib/python2.5/", line 422, in iterimporters import(pkg) ImportError: No module named sysinfo. Also, if I run this similar command: PYTHONPATHworkspace/utils/src/:workspace/sysinfo/src python workspace return import(MySQLdb) ImportError: No module named MySQLdb. pip install MySQL-python yum install mysql-devel.x8664.Setting none of PYTHONPATH/PYTHONHOME variables should be necessary for Python to locate module placed in the Lib folder. Traceback (most recent call last): File , line 1, in import Image ImportError: No module named Image.PYTHONPATH. Import sys print sys.path sys.path.append (""). Advertisements. 10 thoughts on Editing PYTHONPATH (or "Wheres my module?!") kelle on September 18, 2012 at 12:31 pm said: The directory structure I encourage is /Code/Python/Project.Name . ImportError: No module named numpy. Currently, running echo PYTHONPATH I get /home/astrolab/easyaccess/eups/1.2.30/python, which points to the usurping python installation. PYTHONPATH and module names. rusi rustompmody at Mon Jul 1 20:39:46 CEST 2013.Previous message (by thread): PYTHONPATH and module names. Your PYTHONPATH shows that you are on Windows. GraphLab Create does not support Windows currently. Interesting that the error came out that way, but this is probably because cyipc is the name of one of several packaged sos in the GraphLab Create package, and Windows wouldnt I have a problem similar to that described here How to fix "ImportError: No module named" error in Python? but I cannot fix it with the suggestion to set PYTHONPATH. my directory looks like 1) I have downloaded the example scripts from Bitbucket, unzipped them and made sure they are on my PYTHONPATH. 2) I am using Python 2.7.9 |Anaconda 2.2.0 (32-bit).import illustrispython as il. Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in ImportError: No module named illustrispython. PYTHONPATH is an environment variable that defines additional locations of Python modules. This is the default search path for module files.File "", line 3, in . from B.greetings import myfunction. ImportError: No module named A.B.greetings. Home Discussion Colfax Cluster PYTHONPATH and ImportError: No module named I believe that the correct PYTHONPATH in your case will be export PYTHONPATH/home/u6985/caffe. If you do not have a PYTHONPATH set up yet you can simply copy the one above (lines 4 AND 5) into your file and replace the useless paths that I include for paths to where your python packages live.Pingback: Python"ImportErrorNo module named" | CODE. pyGTK——PYTHONPATH?No module named pyGTK - Possible PYTHONPATH Error?all steps but when I run the python code, I get the following message: ImportError: No module named yahoofinance I tried to install the modules with sudo as.PYTHONPATH: [] when I run the following script: import os import sys try: userpaths os.environ[ PYTHONPATH].split(os.pathsep) except Manually changing pythonpath is not a solution. Any ideas?Nginx uWSGI: ImportError: No module named site. 0. 502 bad gateway nginx. uwsgi, flask. opt/ros/diamondback/ros/core/roslib/src/roslib/", line 49, in < module> import yaml ImportError: No module named yaml. I think I am suffering from the set of Path for python and the environment variable, I just dont know how to fix it. when I do PYTHONPATH in command line it If you get this wrong, you will get an error like: ImportError: No module named foo .Changing the Pythonpath. If you want to add packages in any other directory (other than the python paths listed above) you will have to first export the python path in your code with Importing your own modules and setting the PYTHONPATH. Suppose you have written a python module with this pathOf course, you dont want to set the PYTHONPATH every time you need to import the module you want it to be set automatically each time you log in. I used homebrew to intall PyQt on Mac OS X. brew install pyqt ran successfully. brew list includes pyqt, but in Python, import PyQt4 gives the error: ImportError: No module named PyQt4. Solution: Add. export PYTHONPATH /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages:PYTHONPATH. If the module isnt found, Python then searches each directory in the shell variable PYTHONPATH.set PYTHONPATH /usr/local/lib/python. Namespaces and Scoping. Variables are names (identifiers) that map to objects. An Python Shell gives me the error: from google.appengine.api import rdbms ImportError: No module named google.appengine.api >>>. So, I found that I have not set PYTHONPATH, may be this is the problem. PYTHON TUTORIALS » Introduction » Environment variable ». Setting the PYTHONPATH for your module. set PYTHONPATHPYTHONPATHC:python. Leave a Comment / Note. Name (required). I have a problem similar to that described here How to fix "ImportError: No module named" error in Python? but I cannot fix it with the suggestion to set PYTHONPATH. my directory looks like In order to use the code in a module, Python must be able to locate the module and load it into memory. The location information is storedType os.environ[PYTHONPATH].split(os.

pathsep) and press Enter. When you have a PYTHONPATH environment variable defined, you see a list of paths. ImportError: No module named arcpy. Like Show 0 Likes 0.ahh so that explains why. print("PYTHONPATH: " os.environ[" PYTHONPATH"]). fails miserably on python 2.7.x on an iPad (Pythonista distribution) assuming that there is no equivalent for whatever iThingys run. Find out if the helpers module exists on your computer. It might be a directory by that name containing an file, or it might be or it could be a dynamic linkSet the environment variable PYTHONPATH before running python, for example in bash: PYTHONPATHPYTHONPATH export PYTHONPATH. As far as its one of my first tests a lot of code was copy-pasted, maybe theres something wrong with it but Id cant get it. Email codedump link for ImportError: No module named base. import mymodule ImportError: No module named mymodule. This happens because while importing a module, the Python interpreter searches for it in certain predefined locations.7. Module. 8. Files. 9. built-in functions. 10. PYTHONPATH variable. File "", line 1, in . from nodepy import rk, convergence, ivp ImportError: No module named nodepy. How do I set the PYTHONPATH in Jenkins (so that my module is importable)? This is what Im trying to do. But after that problem resolved, I had this error: ImportError: No module named multiply. What I could figure out was that I had to add the location of my module to PYTHONPATH. PYTHONPATH (a list of directory names, with the same syntax as the shell variable PATH).Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in from main import BaseClass ModuleNotFoundError: No module named main. I update PYTHONPATH using the following command: export PYTHONPATH PYTHONPATHBut import modulename does not work: [me at machine ] python -c "import modulename" Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in < module> ImportError: No module named If you are getting ImporError messages similar to this one ImportError: No module named Pmv, youll need to set PYTHONPATH Environment Variable to point to the location of MGLToolsPckgs. To set the PYTHONPATH variable: Go to Control Panel -> System-> Advanced. 3) After youve set your PYTHONPATH in the step above, run your module from your current directory (the toolkit directory).To debug, say your from import baz complaints ImportError: No module named bar. Changing to import foo print foo, which will show the path of foo. export PYTHONPATH"PYTHONPATH:usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vtk/". Be careful that you append to the path variable rather than overwriting it - youGood ways to name django projects which contain only one app. ImportError: Environment variable DJANGOSETTINGS MODULE is undefined. PYTHONPATH in Windows: How to import custom python files/modules - Продолжительность: 6:05 Ryan Krauss 2 496 просмотров.How to fix python ImportError: No module named PIL - Продолжительность: 2:05 ATOM 23 529 просмотров. using the cmake procedure and generated, then did an export PYTHONPATH to the right directory (./caffe/python), but Python (IDLE or IPython) doesnt recognize the file. I get the " no module named caffe" (not "no module named caffe") error. ImportError: No module named paraview ImportError: No module named vtkCommonCorePython. Ensure that you have these three folders in your PYTHONPATH environment variable >>> import backend Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in < module> ImportError: No module named backend. Ah. Now were getting somewhere. So you can import a package that is within your current working directory without having that package in your PYTHONPATH import error :no module named nets and the solution is by setting the python path like this :export PYTHONPATHPYTHONPATH:pwd:pwd/slim. export PYTHONPATH"PYTHONPATH:/home/USERNAME/caffe/python". Might not be your problem, but was mine. The next thing I hit was: No module named When I execute python using shell, it comes out this error:ImportError: No module named site.I have setted environment varible:PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH. Is there some good idea to sovle this issue?