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Is it possible to assign javascript variable to c variable in mvc razor view? e.g.Also, is it possible to pass javascript variable to c method? e.g. var testUtility.MethodName(javascriptVar,cSharpVar). How can I access a JavaScript variable in C code snippet within a Razor view?Notice where I am checking the id, that id is a javascript parameter. The code above isnt working, and I dont know how to get it to work. You wont be able to convert JavaScript variable to a Razor variable.Iterate through XML and change parent properties How to use Telegram API in C to send a message LINQ return 0 if query from DataTable is null passing a variable to a method with a system.object parameter in c How to Well organized and easy to understand Web bulding tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and XML.ASP.NET Razor - C Variables. « Previous. Next Chapter ». This post lists various methodologies to pass server-side C data from an ASP. post Generating External JavaScript Files Using Partial Razor Views. theres also the possibility to assign data to a JavaScript variable, just like this That way, when the page loads, the JSON object is rendered to a JavaScript variable and ready to use instantly. Take the following example in which I would like to convert the C object into JavaScript. . Nice huh? MVC, Razor, and JavaScript continue to work in perfect harmony.

Also to take another razor file w/ a js code behind file and get a filter function working correctly (currently single filter works but require another duplicate filter to work).Nyt lis: razor in javascript file, razor conditional javascript, razor script tag, pass javascript variable to c razor Unable to pass C string variable to JavaScript file.Assuming you have the value for isOpen stored as bool in your ViewModel, you can use the razor syntax to emit this value as text, e.g. inside a