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opinion is not shared by the mentor of Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino, who considers the best Diego Maradona. "Messi? Maradona - number one," - said Pochettino in an interview with the Italian radio CRC.The return match between Tottenham and Juve will be held on March 7 and will start at 21 Tags:Whos the greatest Messi v Maradona Goalcom,Who is better Messi or Maradona Quora,Lionel Messi vs Diego Maradona Why the Winner Is Obvious,How can one justify Lionel Messi being better than Diego,Is Messi better than Pele and Maradona Daily Mail Online Argentinian retired professional footballer Diego Armando Maradona attends the Davis Cup World Group final singles match between Croatia andThe Argentinian legend has a very clear idea about who with occupy the footballing throne when Messi and Ronaldo come to the end of their careers. Ironically, Maradona praised Messis adversary, Cristiano Ronaldo who he described as the star.Ronaldo and Messi are often compared between each other as to who deserves the worlds best footballer title. One question which divide football fans since Maradona was at his peak, Who was the better footballer between Maradona and Pele ? it splits opinion among football fans and since Messi and Ronaldo are tearing teams apart you people are throwing their name in greatest football player Messi and Maradona are two of the best players in the world.Everyone tried to say who is the best between Messi and Maradona, but the only thing you can do is not to compare this two player but to get excited from their talent. Adriano Galliani: "Messi is the best player ever. And this is said by someone who has seen Maradona and Pele play." Diego Rovira: "The conversations between the opposing defenders were wonderful: We cant stop this kid. No. So what we going to do? Who is better Lionel Messi or Deigo Maradona?.1 16 April 2013 Differences between Messi and Ronaldo For the last five years the race for the FIFA World Player of the Year award has been closely contested by two individuals, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. There has been plenty of debate about where Lionel Messi now stands among the all time football greats and Danish great Laudrup, having played at the same time as Maradona preferred to not make comparisons between the two.5 reasons why Wenger is better than Guardiola. The Pope,who is a huge football fan and a supporter of Argentinian Club San Lorenzo,backed his country man who recently announced retirement from international football. For me, [Lionel] Messi is better than Maradona and Pele,said the Pontiff when asked to choose the better player between I can modestly say that I was a better football player than Maradona and Messi. According to club and representative form, Neymar is currently the best player in the world, said Romario, who won the Mundial in Brazil in 1994. Who is better between Lionel messi and christiano ronaldo?Who is better maradona or messi? Its hard to answer this kind of questions because there isnt no factual answer. But Pope Francis who is well know as the leader of the Catholic Church and a renowned San Lorenzo supporter threw his support behind countryman Messi.For me, [Lionel] Messi is better than Maradona and Pele, Pope Francis was quoted as telling young men and women participating in Maradonas exploits for the Albiceleste are well known.While that description fits Maradona perfectly, it doesnt really describe the clean-cut Messi, who has not played professionally in his home country. Who in your mind was/is the better player, Messi or Maradona? Have your say in the comments section below.

12406 views.View Profile. Bigboy aka Melo Nov 24, 2016 10:48 AM. yho toughest decision to decide between those two. However, Pochettino, who, like Messi and Maradona is Argentinian, believes the 1986 World Cup winner remains the greatest.Messi is this type of player, for me the best in the world today, better than Cristiano Ronaldo and he can decide a game. Messi Is Better Than Maradona, But Maybe Not Pele Neymar Messi - Bale Ronaldo: Which is better?Messi vs. Ronaldo: a goal-scoring comparison | 5 Added Minutes. Iker Casillas vs Gianluigi Buffon - Who has been the best The Romanian legend claimed that Maradona stands taller than even present day greats like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, while also claiming the Argentinian favourite was better than Barca legend Johann Cryuff. In an interview with Spanish newspaper AS, Hagi was firm when asked who the Lionel Messi vs Diego Maradona: Sportsmail attempts to solve the argument who is the Greatest?Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona bear remarkable similarities as playersThey are left-footed, wizards of the dribble and capable of the near-impossiblelegends in different categories, Sportsmail hopes to shed some light on who was the greatest. Gallery images and information: Messi Vs Maradona Who Is Better.pic source Messi vs Diego Maradon pic source On Saturday as Lionel Barring their gifted left foot and well-documented tax problems, there is little similarity between Maradona and Messi.

Maradona is a crazy little giant who dices with death and toboggans into hell on a daily basis Messi tehrefore is the best today. but dont ask me again if hes better than Maradona. lol if a young Georgie Best was alive today - hed be laughing at how easy theyd made it for him to do his thing too. Pel, who together with Maradona and Messi constitute soccers Holy Trinity of the best three players in the history of the game, thus offered a candid assessment of the fact that most of the time he played he also had other excellentThe recent game between Argentina and Panama was vintage Messi. 1 and 2. But Messi vs. Pele is somewhere between No. 3 and No. 4. Although we have only eight games in the data set, Peles fine-grained statistics over this sample are remarkable. And unlike Maradona, whose career production doesnt quite match Messis (e.g Who is better: Neymar or Messi? Can Messi be better than Pele? Are Messi and Maradona the best dribblers in history?Related Questions. How can one justify Lionel Messi being better than Diego Maradona? What is the difference between Messi and Maradona? "To give the Best [award] to Ronaldo and not be able to give it to Messi hurt my soul," Maradona told TyC Sports. Maradona, who coached Messi while in charge of Argentina between 2008 and 2010, went on to deny reports that his relationship with the Barca star is a bad one. It might be a debate that has occupied the minds of many football fans for years, but former Argentina international Javier Zanetti believes there is little point debating who the better player between compatriots Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi is. Is Lionel Messi really better than Diego Maradona? Was Johan Cruyff a more complete footballersensation Marco van Basten before we conclude with a battle of the bad boys between Maradona and George Best. Who will come out on top? Who will win the inaugural Legends World Cup? Recently, Diego Maradona Mar ado in the Argentine legend and arguably the best player of all time have added his opinion to the ever growing debate of Ronaldo and Messi who is the best among the the twoIn conclusion the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo has made Messi a better player. "To give the Best [award] to Ronaldo and not be able to give it to Messi hurt my soul," Maradona told TyC Sports. Maradona, who coached Messi while in charge of Argentina between 2008 and 2010, went on to deny reports that his relationship with the Barca star is a bad one.

Now is there a difference between single-handedly winning and being the difference maker? Take Maradona out of that 1986 World Cup, and it is virtually guaranteed that a teamBarcelona are a very good side but of course they have Messi who can make the difference at any moment in the game." Former England International, Gary Lineker has hailed Messi for making Football look so simple and believes he is better than Maradona. Gary Lineker who now works as a TV Pundit has waxed lyrical about Messis unreal ability. At 26, Messi has already been voted the worlds best player four times. He has won six league titles with Barcelona, and three Champions Leagues.Added cab driver Dario Torrisi: Weve always liked how Messi plays, but we dont know who he is. Explaining the difference between Maradona and The more Lionel Messi scores goals and wins awards, the more often the question arises: is not he the best footballer of all time in his native Argentina. And yet, yet, this title holds its great expand. Comparison of two decisive moments between the two best players in the history of football.2 diferencias entre maradona y messi - Duration: 4:23. andres fryd 37,205 views. This is for football lovers between RONALDO and MESSI who is a better player?Between Maradona, Zidane And Ronaldinho, Who Is Best Playmaker Ever? Both Maradona and Messi had a magicians left foot that would allow the ball to remain under control at all times.Messi does have better surfaces to compete on but when faced with packed and organised defences, he can somehow trick two or three players in a couple of yards. It was, after all, Diego who gave Messi the captains armband in 2010, but more importantly, turned Argentina into Messis team by shunning Riquelme and anyone else who didnt believe.They dont come much better or worse than the erratic, violent and extreme Maradona. A Coach has come to Madrid who can make Bale better.Pele and Diego Maradona are unique. Neymar? Hes still very young. Its complicated to compete with Messi and Ronaldo. Next year hell be higher.during his diplomatic visit to Russia before the World Cup as he was asked about his thoughts on football and ultimately about the issues of who is better between the two football legends from hisI have decided and Lionel Messi is better than Diego Maradona, he told Russian RT television. He had the ability to carry teams. 16 December Travelling home from a recent Atalanta match my friend and I got to talking about who was the greatest player of all time. Despite the claims of Pel and Lionel Messi who recently broke Gerd Mllers record for goals in a calendar year and has won theduring his diplomatic visit to Russia before the World Cup as he was asked about his thoughts on football and ultimately about the issues of who is better between the two football legends from hisI have decided and Lionel Messi is better than Diego Maradona, he told Russian RT television. Messi has to win a World Cup, so I think that Maradona is better than him, he told FOX Sports Brasil, however, pointing out his excellence compared to both Argentinian football figures.Who will Champions League. Well, there is no doubt Lionel Messi himself highly estimates the football legend Diego Maradona, but in reality, who is better between these two stars? Regardless of Messis great achievement at club level And, until a certain Lionel Messi arrived on to the scene, it was almost always false hope for the South American nation.Lavezzi is a real workhorse, who was sensational for Napoli — and Paris Saint-Germain looked to have gotAnd, despite obviously being world class, Maradona was better. Whos Better Messi or Ronaldo. Messi vs Maradona Stats.MessiRonaldo rivalry Ronaldo (left) and Messi (right) before an international friendly between Argentina and Portugal in Geneva, Switzerland on 9 February 2011. For those who dont remember, Diego coached Messi during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and watched in awe as Leo had a tremendous performanceThe relationship between the two then was scrutinized to eternity, but they got along pretty well. Its good to know Maradona has no hard feelings. Did Pel say that Messi has a brasilian style? Tell to Pel to come back to the museum. Lionel is Argentinian!These are the 10 top sentences of Maradona the day before of the start of the World Cup in an interview at Ol newspaper. Maradona is famous around the world, but some people dont like him. I dont know anyone who doesnt like Messi. Yet there has long been a kind of distrust, a separation, between many Argentine fans and Messi. I think it is only fair to know the level of comparison befor we can conclude who is better than who between these two great players. Messi,no doubt is better than Maradona at Club level.