padding css not working in ie





Head>. Any IE less than IE9 will now use this script to enable the common HTML5 blocks. You will still need to use CSS to make the tags display as blocks. I use: Article,aside,details,figcaption,figure, footer,header,hgroup,menu,nav,section . Display:block . Padding Not Working Ie6. Contents. Internet Explorer Padding Fix.Is These workarounds generally exploit unrelated bugs in Internet Explorers CSS. element generates a block box that is floated to the left. Related 904Why dont self-closing script tags work?1475When to use margin vs padding in CSS0Position:fixed and margin:0 auto not working in IE3Margin: Auto not working in IE0Margin: 0 auto not working IE?-1Working http I have a gradient css code working in good all browsers. header padding:0px 0 / Permalink - use to edit and share this gradient: http1Styles form Angular Material not working on IE 11. 1How to remove some part of borders from the corners? 1Why does my form script only work on second Here is an example of the css for one of the menu items. menu-item-3039 width:30px height:20px border:none padding-right:0It works just great in chrome and firefox, but does not work at all in IE 11. This is not only IE 8 issue but it wont work in any browser. You cant have padding in table rows. Instead you need to add the padding styles in your td. And I cant see that youre appending any td in your code so I could modify that. I have created some application and that application is working on firefox and chrome but it is not working in IE.Confused where to post this. CSS and JS Problem.