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In terms of picture quality, has it really changed from the last generation? The HTC One M8s camera did really well in low light situations, but it had very little detail, it just didnt look very good, and it lacked 4K video. Yeah, the pictures definitely arent DSLR quality and I see some noise and atrifacts, but sheesh its phone with a camera.Write your reply Tags: htc one m9. Share This Page. Tweet. Youve seen that HTCs One M9 camera has been in the center of our attention more than once and one thing is for sure: you can definitely use it to take amazing picturesHowever, this is not whats happening with RAW and no information is compressed, so youll finally get higher quality images. When youre using the HTC One (M9)s rear camera in good light, youll likely be impressed with the images that the camera is capable of producing.Thats especially true if you only ever intend to look at pictures on your phone. The HTC One M9 is an Android smartphone manufactured and marketed by HTC. The third-generation One was officially unveiled in a press conference at Mobile World Congress on March 1, 2015 and it was released to wide retail availability on April 10, 2015. It is the successor to HTC One (M8). Under the hood HTC has finally dropped the 4MP "ultrapixel" sensor of the predecessors that produced only mediocre image quality results in our testing. Instead, the One M9 comes with a 20MP BSI CMOS sensor that is combined with an F2.2 lens. Over the past three years, HTC has milled and beveled itself a reputation for great design and excellent build quality.A bunch of themes come preinstalled, but the neatest trick is how you can easily create your own: just choose a picture to act as the homescreen wallpaper and the HTC One M9 will Though most htc devices comes with a default picture, users can usually change it to HTC M9 wallpapers of their choosing.Best HTC M9 wallpapers High quality htc wallpapers HD desktop wallpapers 02 HD desktop wallpapers 01 Illustrating a Cowboy in Photoshop and Illustrator by Jelle HTC One M9 Plus has been the talk of the town in the past few weeks.For example, one of the picture says the quality of the metal is as good as silk, while another says the phone reveals elegant shine. Though it does a great job of lifting darker areas out of the shadows and brightening them significantly, we noticed that highlights in the picture could be overblown as a result.The HTC One M9 is a tale of two halves. Its premium design and top-notch build quality makes it a seriously desirable handset, not The SkyDragon custom ROM for the HTC One M9 smartphone is the ROM you want if you want outstanding battery life. Its also incredibly fast and buttery smooth. We like to think that any Custom ROM that comes with a quality pictures means that is likely a great ROM. На данной странице представлены обзоры и другая информация о HTC One M9 серии One ноутбуков. Quality of the images and videos were very good! Playing back the video shot using the HTC One M9 through the BoomSound speakers sounded very loud and extremelySome themes will be preloaded, while others can be downloaded.

Have a favourite picture you want to use as your lock screen? The build quality of the HTC One M9 is superb, its software is impeccable and its performance make the phone a must-have for mobile gaming enthusiasts. The 20 megapixel camera on the phone isnt the best at taking pictures at night or in low light HTC One M9 image on the left, iPhone 6 image on the right (Images cropped and resized for the web).The iPhone has long been a phone with great design and picture quality that beats most point and shoot cameras you can buy. HTC One M9 is also known as HTC M9 Hima.Usually cameras with larger sensors and less pixel density tend to provide better image quality despite the lower resolution. 5.9 x 4.43 mm (millimeters) 0.29 in (inches). Thankfully, if you just want to post a quick picture on Facebook or Instagram, the HTC One M9 saves both the processed JPG and RAW photo at the same time.

So you can always get the RAW file later for that increased image quality. I had to flash a 5.1 RUU for my phone anyway, so after doing so, I used Firelords comment to get the correct answer to my question. The default DPI for the HTC One (M8) is 480. Top specs and features. HTC One M9 vs HTC One M9 Plus: 96 facts in comparison.The device has a display with three full subpixels per pixel, resulting in a sharp and crisp picture.0 better video recording quality. Battery Life. HTC One M9: Who Is It For?Its not as good as the rear camera during the day or in mild indoor conditions, but at night, the 2.0-micron pixels in the selfie cam see it destroy the rear camera (and most other selfie cameras) in terms of picture quality. For quite some time HTC had a quite lower pixel resolution in its main camera, knowing that high pixel count does not necessarily equates higher quality, specifically in a world where almost all pictures are posted online in low resolution. With the M9, HTC finally decided to keep its 4 MP UltraPixel camera The HTC One M9 appears identical to last years One M8 on the surface, so is it worth an upgrade if you already own the One M8?The One M9 rocks yet another 5-inch Full HD LCD3 display, so the resolution and picture quality is basically the same. When the company is question is HTC, the leaked pics of its upcoming blockbuster device sure deserves to be of high quality, dont you think? Well, looks like somebody agrees with us, as this may or may not be the reason behind the super clear pics that leaked of HTC One M9 today Like all HTC smartphones in recent years, the HTC One M9 features a stunning design and outstanding build quality no other Android phone maker can match.In good lighting, however, photos taken on the HTC One M9s camera are quite good. To compare them to pictures snapped by the M8, you Like the HTC One (M8), the M9 also comes with NFC, which was surprisingly missing from the HTC One (M8 Eye) (Review | Pictures).The image quality is a function of the sensors size and capabilities as well as the decisions made by the image processing software, so one hopes the little HTC One smartphones are known for great design and build quality and not so good camera performance.One fixes the noise in the pictures taken and other one includes the option to set the exposure for 3 or 4 seconds. Both the mods help you taking better shots from your HTC One M9. In a best-case scenario you can coax some solid pictures out of the One M 9, though the focus shows a frustrating proclivity to wander, even betweenAudio quality has, since HTC introduced BoomSound speakers on the original M7, become something of a hallmark for its flagship phones, and the One M9 HTC One M9 Android smartphone gallery - high-resolution pictures, official photos.HTC One M9 pictures. - - - Released 2015, March 157g, 9.6mm thickness Android 5.0, up to 7.0 32GB storage, microSD card slot. Sample RAW Images. The HTC One (M9) enables users to capture RAW and JPEG format files.This is a sample video from the HTC One (M9) camera at the highest quality setting of 1920x1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. The new One M9 is a great demonstration of what HTCs idea of a quality, high-end smartphone should be.When viewing on smaller screens or social networks, the pictures do look great. When blown up on bigger screens, though, its a different story altogether. While the picture quality of the photo camera installed in the HTC One M9 is not the greatest weve seen in a smartphone, the camera app used to operate it more than makes up for this. It offers a lot of features such as RAW photo shooting, several installable Image Quality. Lets start off with the good: detail has been drastically improved over its predecessor.19. When it comes to the picture gallery, HTC offers a myriad of editing tools at our disposal to give images both a professional and artistic touch. HTC One M9 design and build quality.You can also create your own theme by taking a picture of the background you want, then letting Themes choose the most appropriate color scheme and fonts to match that background (see video below). For a quick comparison I received printing quality photos from my daughters school 24003000, the come in at 3.39 megabytes. I take a picture with the HTC One M9 at 53763024 and the size is 3.15Mb. The HTC One M9 contains multiple latest features and options often found in advanced Cameras. You can capture high quality images, record videos using the below described different Modes packed inside the HTC One M9 Camera application The HTC One M9 also consists of front facing Boom Sound Speakers with Dolby Audio Technology and FM Radio Antenna.Optical Image Stabilization is also available with Laser Auto focus and Color Spectrum Sensor that provides more natural picture quality. HTC One M9 its here and we love it! It was presented this Sunday, 1st of March 2015 at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. I am sure that this was the biggest day in 2015 for all the smartphone fans around the globe.

xda-developers HTC One (M9) One (M9) General HTC One M9 Camera discussion (not for photoTo suggest that I should be tweaking manual settings on an M9 to achieve the quality of the Note 4sThe picture was remarkably better. You dont have to do this all the time only in certain situations. HTC briefly gave up on the UltraPixel idea with the One M9, at least for its main camera.The sharpness of the pictures is clear and the color tone, although a little more muted, looks moreOK, its nothing different to the rest of the market, but it gives you quality and sharpness time and again. The first takes four pictures in quick succession and creates a grid, while split camera takes a picture with the front and rear camera at the same time (orThe HTC One M9 can shoot 4K video up to six minutes of it. It also has a 120fps slow-motion mode. Video quality is adequate, but suffers from the Display Quality Operating System: HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition Smartphone comes with 5.0-inch capacitive touchscreen which which provide resolution up to 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution which support full high definition picture quality. Its also covered with sapphire crystal glass, which will protect it from other things in your pocket, such as keys, that scratch lens covers resulting in lower quality pictures over time. After seeing the lower profile BoomSound speakers on the Nexus 9 and Desire Eye, it was believed that HTC would do the The HTC One M9 is a beautiful phone it just doesnt quite deliver the promises hinted at by its predecessor, says Rhiannon Williams.But no doubt there are many that will enjoy using the widget. Picture organising feature Cloudex draws all your photos from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc and Thats what we find out, in this comprehensive HTC one M9 review! In recent years, complaints have been few and far between when it comes to the design and build quality of HTC products, and this goes doubly for the flagship One series. Want to show off your high game score or write a blog post about HTC One M9 features? Its easy to take a picture of the screen and share it from Gallery. A quick look at some of the cool new picture effects HTC has brought to the table in Sense 7.0. The HTC One M9s rear camera can use a little adjustment to get good results in various lighting conditions.And the phones typically high shutter speeds make it pretty easy to capture sharp, focused pictures of moving subjects too — for example a flower waving in the wind. Quick NavigationLow Light Conditions (Evening Night Shots)HTC One M9 Camera Performance VerdictMost of my pictures were of acceptable quality although not excellent. None of the pictures Then HTC announced a software update that improved photo quality .I only had one HTC One M9 unit for testing so I had to take the pictures, update the phone, and then take another round of similar pictures. HTC One M9 deep-dive review: Third Hands on: Getting to know the HTC One M9. Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9: SmartphoneGalaxy S6 on top One M9 on bottom. Same deal: The S6 picture is crisp and full of light while the M9s, though not awful, is definitely a little murky-looking and