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There is any way to define into XML layout longKeyLongPress definition like onClick does ?.android:onClick"clickHandler" android:clickable"true" />. I want something like before but reacting to longpress event. i have set android:onclick in xml for an imageButton and put that method in my activity. in android s below 5 it works fine but in android 5 it give me Error.i cant figure out how to solve this, any help? 1) i already added tools:context".PhotoViewerActivity" in the root of my layout. Creating a input dialog in android involves below steps. Create layout for input dialog.Here in this class we are instating the activitymain.xml layout.public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int id) . Making expandable and collapsible layout or view or widget is fun in android because you can implement ExpandableLayout in your app or game with little bit XML code and add onClick in the java file. Expand and Collapse are also used in android listview layout. LISTVIEW ONCLICK. SOURCE CODE [main.xml] is.what is android.R.Layout.simplelistitem1? what does it contain? Yash Agarwal says