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For gaming, yeah. If you plan to do work related stuff like rendering videos, Id get more.Yes this is what I am using and I still have free space even with large gameplay files on my 1TB hard drive. Hi!I was wondering whether the above HDD is enough for gaming I mean the modern ones.Yes, that Hard drive is just fine for gaming. The only real difference an SSD or even the WD Black Edition type will offer is better loading speeds. 9) Seagate Game Drive: Best External Hard Drive For Gaming.With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these hard drives are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 best Portable Hard Drives 2018. A great video game hard drive not only stores all the games you play, but also loads them quickly. So, how do you know what type of drive has the best value? Which drive is big enough for your game collection, and fast enough to keep load times to a minimum? I have seen the normal ones with 250 GB of hard drive, 500 GB of hard DriveJul 29, 2013 Boards > Gaming > Xbox Lobby > Xbox One Harddrive size - Is 500gb enough? > at my hard drive space and they should have included a 1TB drive A new 500GB hard drive has been seen for the Xbox 360, as Games With Gold fills up space with free games. The HDD should cost less than the old 320GB model.The current 320GB Xbox hard drive just isnt big enough apparently, with Microsoft announcing a brand new, standalone, 500GB hard hard drive hard disk Compatible with XBOX360 E and xbox360 S Slim Console. Install game discs directly to the hard drive to enjoy faster game loading. Download games, demos, and extra content from Xbox LIVE. Is 500gb hard drive enough for gaming?Can I use may CPU for gaming instead of using my GPU? If so how can i do it? 8 answers. The Xbox Ones 500GB hard drive can be quite small and just not big enough for all the games you want to play.

Games are getting bigger and bigger but the internal hard drive in your Xbox One is not. With the rise of downloadable games comes the need for extra storage.The hard drive has a 1TB capacity, enough to hold over 650,000 photos, 250,000 songs, and over 500 hours of video. The small black device is stylish and even comes with a three-year warranty. Types of Hard Drives for Gaming PC. Your HDD is your work horse.Measured in seconds, not kidding. You can get a 60GB SSD for thirty five dollars, which is more than big enough for an x64 Windows 10 install. Getting a speedy Solid-State Drive (SSD) rather than a creaky mechanical hard drive will make your entire computer much faster, but can you afford it and will it have enough space for all of your files? PS4 vs.

Xbox One hard drive space. What we do know is that games need to be cached or installed on the hard drive before they can be played.Closing Words. So, is 500 Gigabyte enough? If you do not install more than a couple of full priced games yes, it is enough. Game Title. Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD. PS4 Stock Hard Disk Drive.For the regular PS4 user, the 1TB of storage space may seem more than enough for short to medium term. With the whopping 500GB Media Hard Drive, youll get more space for games, HD movies and demos.Xbox Hard Drive, Xbox 360, Investing, Gaming, Computers, Videogames, Game, Toys, Video Game. The Best Gaming Hard Drives for 2018 (HDDs Arent Dead Yet!) January 11, 2018 By Brent Hale Leave a Comment.A full 1TB of hard drive space is enough to match the needs of any budget-oriented gamer. Is a 500gb ps4 hard drive enough? FFXIV, FF Type 0, FFX HD, FF7 Remake, FFXV, KH2.8, KH3 are just some games I plan on getting physically.You recommend that you buy a 2tb harddrive and insert it, that way you can have more games installed at the same time. Right now DinoPC is doing a contest that involves cosplay. The grand prize is a really nice gaming PC.Recently the FCC certified a new PS4 is coming with a 1TB hard drive and I talk about my experiences with my PS4 and how the 500GB hard drive has worked out for me so far. For this reason, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 initially released with a 500GB hard drive, which seemed like plenty at first, but gamers are quickly realizing that it isnt enough. The Seagate Game Drive for Xbox quadruples that via 2TB of Is this 500gb ssd enough? [Solved] Storage Toms Hardware Is 500Gb of HDD enough for a steam gaming Pc? Your PlayStation 4 console comes with a 500GB hard drive, but that is not enough for video games on the the PS4.This handy guide shows you how to replace the 500GB hard drive that comes with your PS4 for something a little more substantial. Most SSHD today have about 8GB to 16GB of NAND Flash Memory Storage, this gives you enough to install your Operating-system and a few additional software thats might be hard drive intensive, games are one of them. A standard PS4 possess 500 GB and it is not enough to store different types of PS4 video games and UHD movies.Here are the up gradation kits that would help you to increase the storage capacity up to a large limit i.e. 1 TB or 2 TB. Bare 2TB Hard Disk Drives for PS4. These gaming hard disks are quite faster compared to normal or traditional 3.5 inch hard drives.For gaming you need a fast processor, huge amount of RAM, a powerful graphics and a fast hard drive. Even with 64GB or storage in your tablet it generally doesnt take long to fill that sucker up full with music, games, movies and whatever else you enjoy stuff inside your tablet.Interestingly enough, the way the company has designed the hard drive, it will bring the same power, performance and Best gaming hard drive: WD VelociRaptor. Faster spinning, faster gaming.The WD My Book strikes an amazing balance of storage and price, offering enough room for massive game libraries. You also might already know that you cant manage the contents of the Xbox Ones hard drive not yet, anyway.I do think its unlikely to be an issue in the short term, as people probably wont have enough games to run out of space. I would say just having one drive should be faster in most cases if you are just building a PC for gaming. If you are looking into a very fast hard drive try to go for SSD. A 500 GB hard disk drive means that the hard disk drive can provide up to 500 gigabytes of file storage. One gigabyte is equal to 100,0000,000 bytes.Is this computer good enough to run Skyrim and WoW Is this desktop good enough to play games like Skyrim AMD E-450 Processor 4GB DDR3 Will it be enough if we have to install all of our games and arent able to play them from the disc?Microsofts announcement regarding the Xbox One let us know that the new console will come complete with a 500GB hard drive. Can this hard drive be sufficient for all your games and movies that you often want saved on the internal hard drive? Do you need an external hard drive to expand the storage capability of PS4 HDD or the biggest HDD is enough for PS4 files? Will a 500GB Hard Drive be enough for me? |Jun 09, 2013 Boards > Gaming > Xbox Lobby > Xbox One Harddrive size - Is 500gb enough? > (along with the very large Arma 2 mods) take up on my 500gb hard drive? Would 500 GB be enough or should I think about getting 1TB (whether it be buying a 1TB PS4 or upgrade a 500GB one later)?You dont want to fill up that hard drive with patches for a couple of dozen games (some of which can be 10gb) only to have to redownload all that crap later. Get rid of your hard drive and get an SSD! After testing hundreds of SSDs in terms of performance, speed, reliability and cost-efficiency, we have finally found the best SSDs for 2018. These ultimate solid state drives can be used for everything such as gaming and storage. It also doesnt hurt that it has a generous 500 GB hard drive, but if what Sonys UK boss Fergal Gara says is true, that 500 GBs might not be so much after all.Granted, its not all doom and gloom. The PS4 does have the capability to install games onto an external hard drive, so if you fill up your hard Best Gaming Desktops. Top 10 Desktops Under 500.And if youre lucky enough to have multiple I/O ports, you can hook up many more. But which to choose? Heres everything you need to consider when shopping for an external hard drive. Is a 500gb hard drive big enough for gaming. How big will the games be that you download? Do you think that 250GB will be enough for a casual gamer like me? If I do need to buy a bigger hard drive, how much do they usually cost? According to the sites picture blog, the hard drive is housed under the devices glossy top panel, and can be accessed using a Torx screwdriver.A true PlayStation veteran, Sammys covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. The hard drive is where all your files, programs, and games are stored.So to sum it all up if you want the best hard drive for your gaming PC, go for a drive with at least 7200rpm, preferably from a trusted manufacturer, and large enough for your needs. Remember that even though the Xbox One comes with a 500 GB hard drive installed (though you can get a one terabyte model nowadays), youll only have about 360 GB ofNobody likes to have to juggle games around because they dont have enough space adding an external hard drive will fix this. Its really not a bad bundle for people that dont already have a PS4 to call their own the PS4 originally shipped with a 500GB hard drive, which any gaming enthusiast will tell you is not enough storage for an 8th generation console expect for maybe the Wii U. Our console hard drives are not big enough -- and its time for Microsoft and Sony to upgrade the space.With new-generation games occupying increasingly larger amounts of storage than weve been used to, the stock 500 GB hard drive inside the new consoles diminishes in space rather After looking at my hard drive space and number of games, I realized that 500gb is probably more than enough.

How much space do those 31 games (along with the very large Arma 2 mods) take up on my 500gb hard drive? Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Review. Home » Reviews Articles » Hardware » Seagate Momentus 2.5 inch 500 GB Hard Drive.We cant stress enough how much difference it makes using the Momentus in the Toshiba laptop we use daily. The difference is night and day. Suchergebnisse fr 500 gb hard drive enough.29.07.2013 Boards > Gaming > Xbox Lobby > Xbox One Harddrive size - Is 500gb enough? > After looking at my hard drive Ya I dont think 500 gb will Best budget hard drive for gaming: Western Digital (WD) Caviar Blue 320 GB Desktop Hard Drive.Overall, though 320GB is hardly generous, its enough to operate a computer, and with the ease-of-installation that most HDDs offer, its not hard to add additional storage later. FireCuda delivers superior performance compared to a standard hard drive, yet provides the high capacity options youve come to expect from a hard drive solution. Its the perfect upgrade for gamers, creative professionals and PC enthusiasts. Richer Gaming Experience. A PS3 500 GB hard drive is easily fitted to the machine with only a little additional effort so you can quickly get back to playing.A PS3 500 GB hard drive has plenty of space for even the most avid gamer too, enough for around 300 games. Gaming Accessories Peripherals.I got this to replace my original hard drive which was presenting with frequent crashes.the instructions are great and the software it comes with easily transfers all the data from your old harddrive to the new one.