javascript find char in string





Return value. The index of the first occurrence of searchValue, or -1 if not found. An empty string searchValue will match at any index between 0 and str .length.The following example sets count to the number of occurrences of the letter e in the string str rootux/findinstringreverse.js. Last active Aug 29, 2015. Embed.String.prototype.findACharInStringPrev function(char, start). do. Replace forward slash "/ " character in JavaScript string? 2012-03-22.For example, suppose my string contains: var mainStr "str1,str2,str3, str4" I want to find the count of comma , character, which is 3. And the co. Locating a character in a string: indexOf and lastIndexOf methods JavaScript FAQ within a string, use the JavaScript string. find all char in string javascriptA simple loop works well: var str "scissors" var indices [] for(var i0 i