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i can put [0].value to [1].value by entering the following script. < script language"javascript"> document.all[txtField1].value document.all[txtField0].value .The second is your use of .readonly rather than .readOnly (remember JS is case sensitive). I need the text boxes to be read only untill one of the related text box is not populated by the user. For Ex. I want the user to first fill the quantity and then other details.I have readonly in the input text field and my javascript looks at the value of another field. You can set an ASP.NET textbox readonly through javascript. Here is how: < script type"text/javascript"> function setReadOnly().form validation with javascript to php. In Jquery How to handle paste? You can disable read only property at button click using java script or when you load the page you can store the values in hidden field with read only text boex .sandeepmgupta: I have a readonly textbox where I am assigning value to it through javascript.

I have a text box on my web page and I want to make it readonly for certain users in PHP. The following is the code of the textbox which is populated from an array retrieved from database.1javascript php editor. PHP , ASP , ASP.NET, VB.NET, C, Java , jQuery , Android , iOS , Windows Phone. Registered : 105,022. HOME > Javascript Tips Tricks : JavaScript Form > JavaScript HTML Check Input TextBox/Text Field. Im trying to set my forms textboxes to readonly only if a varible is set, can someone help me with what Im dong wrong?Why are you adding the javascript after? Why not have them disabled by using the disabled attribute? The following is a short example of a code that will enabledisable a textbox at the click of a button : .