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The brand new Universal Audio Arrow - a bus powered Thunderbolt 3, 2 channel audio interface with Solo DSP chip forUniversal Audio Arrow Interface - Gearslutz NAMM 2018Gearslutz.Universal Audio UA Arrow Thunderbolt 3 Unboxing (2018 best NEW audio interface?)Dave Ares. Originally Posted by asdfdsa. Best interface / setup for the money? (inexpensive) only need 2 channels, but they need to produce high quality.Events - Audio events, trade shows meet-ups worldwide Gearslutz YouTube Channel Plugin Reviews KnobCon 2016 Musikmesse Show 2016 6-suggest reading reviews on various interfaces on SOS, home recording dot com, audiofanzine, KVR, evn gearslutz, because nothing beats6i6 is a good mid point its around 250, and gives you quite a bit of options- the most ive seen for an entry level audio interface that still has good sound quality. How do you find the best audio interfaces for your needs?I actually havent had any experience with that particular interface. Im sure if you throw your question out on the Gearslutz forum, or the recordingreview forums they might have some answers. Best Budget Audio Interfaces. For recording one microphone or instrument at a time, an interface with one mic preamp is all you need.User reviews at Gearslutz tend to agreeThese audio interfaces are a cost-effective way to get 8 (or more) microphone channels into your computer. The official PLclip channel for - The worlds best online community for audio engineers producers! Subscribe today!SSL Nucleus2 DAW controller/interface - Gearslutz AES 2016Gearslutz. We look at ten of the best home audio interfaces across a range of price points, with portable units and extensively connectable rack-mounted options featuring. The home studio is now more common than ever Antelope Audio ZenTour audio interface - Gearslutz Musikmesse 2016.Upgradeable channel count, multi-track SD card recording onboard, but mainly its their best sounding high-channel-c We round up the best audio interfaces for 2018 from budget models aimed at beginners through to full-featured professional choices to bring you our audio interface buying guide. If you have more than a passing interest in recording or producing then youre going to need an audio interface. A guide of the best USB, firewire, and thunderbolt audio interfaces including: Presonus Audiobox, Focusrite Clarett, Saffire 2i2, 2i4, 6i6, 18i8 and moreWhether youre starting a new home studio, or improving an existing one Theres no single purchase more confusing than the audio interface. My recommendations are: 1) Get the best-quality audio interface you can afford. The MOTU Ultralite and RME Fireface interfaces are outstanding, and the Apogee interfaces are arguably the best on the market. Greetings all, Im looking for a cost effective audio interface to get 24Are there good 8 analog I/O rack mount interfaces that when purchasedThere are a number of 8 channel audio interfaces on the market which includeFor example, any time anyone asks about them on, someone Audio interfaces are hub of most audio recording and production studios. Heres seven of our favorites for every budget released in 2016 which we reviewed or we.The design is sweet, oh and its a 136-Channel MADI USB audio and MIDI interface that improves upon the very popular Babyface Pro. The 10 Best USB Audio Interfaces. Updated October 05, 2017 by Daniel Imperiale.

We spent 45 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki.Skip to the best usb audio interface on Amazon.

Today well be reviewing 7 of the best USB audio interface for all those who are on a tight budget but dont want to use the on-board sound card. Well be looking at anything thats good quality for less than 300, feel free to spend 500 or even 1000 if you can afford it. Currently, Im looking at the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, but I found some posts on Gearslutz about latency issues and some other stuff.As I said, I really just need a gain control, but if there are good audio interfaces with good quality effects, but minimal channel stripes, feel free to let me know. Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel - Gearslutz AES 2016.Gannon from UA shows us the redesigned-from-the-ground-up Apollo Twin Mk II - the DSP-powered portable audio interface will no doubt be very popular courtesy of UAs superb range of plugins. Home > The Forums > Low End Theory Best Two Channel Audio Interface.The Big Sweetwater Mic Shootout 2017 Archives Piracy discussions Hurricane Sandy New mobile responsive web design for! IIEQPro is, to many, the best equalizer plugin on the market. It is aimed at professional audio producer.Multitrack editing in one user interface.Switchable to two-channel mode operation (L/R or Mid/Side).Less fancy in a way but that makes it so great! Miro on Demo (Win) Demo (Mac). Best 2 channel Audio interface Audio Interfaces. New Reply.Memorials, RIPs and Obituaries Tomorrow Never Knows - Share your favourite Sir George Martin production moments stories Introductions GearPics - from the Gearslutz Instagram feed Captains Blog Marketplace Gearslutz Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel - Gearslutz AES 2016.Gannon from UA shows us the redesigned-from-the-ground-up Apollo Twin Mk II - the DSP-powered portable audio interface will no doubt be very popular courtesy of UAs superb range of plugins. Just so you know, Audient makes the BEST audio interfaces for the price.You can also find more latency tests on the gearslutz page someone linked earlier. The Zoom UAC- 2 has a round trip latency of 5.468ms at 64 buffer size, 44.1kHz sample rate. 9 Best 2 Channel Audio Interface - 21/11/2010 Hi all, this is my first post, but I read this site often to get a feel for new gear pros and cons etc could I please have some advice on what you thin.32 2-channel Audio Interfaces - Gearslutz Its my first external audio interface, so I wonder if I am overlooking someB003HR30FU. If you can manage with 2-channels, get the io2, its USB poweredSearch in Gearslutz for opinions of the converters and preamps of their productsdevices arent the best budget USB audio interfaces for Linux now because The Best 8 Channel Audio Interfaces. When youre planning on recording more than four sound sources simultaneously, like when miking an acoustic drum kit, a singing group, or a band - youll need a capable audio interface with more inputs. Main Board. Recording Direct to Computer. Sound Devices 788t as audio interface.The MIxPre looks good, but only two channels, i need at the very least 6 mic pres. preferably 8 or more. Best MIDI Controllers. Best Audio Interfaces. Learning Center. Learn Music Production Online.After reading tons of reviews here, Musicians Friend, Gearslutz, etcit became clear that a new version of an already respected audio interface was making some waves. 16 Channel Audio Interface Gearslutz. Not Found. Universal Audio releases the Arrow bus-powered USB-C audio interface, enabling high quality with UAD 2 plug-ins on the go! For more information discussions The Best Audio Interface For Guitarists And Vocalists. Perfect interface for Guitar: the iTrack Solo.The iRig Pro Duo is perfect for keyboard players: small, works with phone, iPad, PC and Mac, has MIDI and 2-channel audio. Pro Audio > Gearslutz. Monday February 26, 2018.This unique 70s muffled drum kit with an intuitive 2-channel mixer will let you quickly create punchy and authentic drum RME ADI-2 Pro is not your typical audio interface, thats the first thing to get out of the way.ADI-2 Pro uses OPA1688 Texas Instruments opamps per channel to deliver the goods. Its one of their newer opamps and is designed for headphone use.Gearslutz: https Need a nice interface for laptop when on the move. I only really need 2 channels, but its essential that the pres and asio drivers are good. price under 800Events - Audio events, trade shows meet-ups worldwide Gearslutz YouTube Channel Plugin Reviews KnobCon 2016 Musikmesse Show 2016 To protect their source recordings and ensure no work is ever lost, professional recording engineers choose JoeCo BLUEBOX audio interface recorders recently awarded five stars in all categories by Gearslutz . Delivering 24 channels of pristine 24bit/96kHz audio in Broadcast WAV format He also doesnt need more than two channels of input at a time - seriously, all he ever plugs in is a single vocal mic and one guitar.Im sure the MOTU guy will say, "Its all good!" but scan the forums, like this 113-page thread on Gearslutz To find out what audio interfaces we should take into consideration, we scoured the web for ratings and reviews, and checked popular communities like Gearslutz, redditsThe budget friendly Steinberg UR22mkII USB Audio Interface earns a well-deserved spot in our list of the best audio interfaces. 722. Thats if i Heute ist mein neues Interface eingetroffen, das "PreSonus Quantum". gearslutz.25 Apr 2017 PreSonus has announced the 26x32-channel Quantum, its fastest and best-sounding audio/MIDI interface, taking advantage of the high-speed Thunderbolt 2 bus and a no-frills Zoom UAC-2 Two-Channel USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Audio Interface for Mac and PC. by Zoom.Gearslutz Pro Audio Community - USB 3.0 Best Audio Interface of 2017: USB, Firewire, . behringer fca610 audio interface. how to choose an audio interface u2013 which is best for your studio.does the behringer umc4040hd have preamp bypass gearslutz pro audio community.komplete audio 6 6channel usb audio interface. behringer uphoria um2 review. Discussion in NI Audio Interfaces started by skinswashdc, Jun 21, 2016. skinswashdc Well-Known Member. Messages: 1,705. The Metric Halo LIO-8 Audio Interface is a high end firewire audio interface that brings together quality and expandability to provide options to extend the capabilities of this interface should you need to.

" - " ilias" Gearslutz User Reviewer January 8, 2018. Although I am contented with its sound my ears are craving for something better and sometimes I am not sure if its my guitar or audio interface but I really cant get good over driven sounds from some of these amp sims. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.So I can connect the audio interface to the computer speakers like this, with the adapter on the audio interface endThis question is in no way related to sound design. Please go to forums like for music-gear related questions. The Motors interface consists of two sections each containing a layer.The user interface is well designed and provides for an uncluttered workflow that is easy to navigate. Umlaut Audio definitely hit the mark with happy with the results, that I cant wait any longer for a proper audio interface.Also the Orion has 32 channels in, and 32 channels out.The original person reviewing the Antelope, who is also from gearslutz staff So at the moment I have no audio interface, and the reason I plan on getting one is because Im planning on getting a korg volca i didnt release I needed an audio interface to use my volca Korg Volca Keys ART Pro Audio USB Mix Gearslutz Pro Audio Audio/Midi Interface For 4 Korg Volcas. Our guide to the best audio interfaces for beginners through to professional studios.But even if you only ever record one or two channels of audio at a time, you still have a lot of options. Genelec - 9310 AES/EBU Interface - Gearslutz Musikmesse 2016.Genelec invites you to meet the future in the first commercially available audio-over-IP studio monitor, the TEC Award nominated 8430A IP at AES Los Angeles from Sept 29Oct 2. Demo Room New Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD Audio Interface Authorized Dealer Best Offer!APHEX 228 Unidirectional Audio Interface - 8 channel (NEW never used). 199.00. Description : 2-Channel USB Audio MIDI interface. Musikmesse 2016 Tascam iXR Audio Interface for iOS devices ProlightSound (english). Description : An easy way to get pro audio sound with your iOS device!