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I tried Math.Round but it only accepts decimals and when I try to cast my float as a decimal I get an error saying the number is to large to cast as a decimal.result "Level " Name ": Contribution Rate can only be 4 decimal places" I would like to round a number to two decimal places in PHP.This question already has an answer here: tod to always return 2 decimals places in ruby 4 answers i want to round off a number upto two decimal place in ruby such that (0.02 270187).round(2) is 5403.74 which is correct but (0.02 I want to shorten a decimal number to only two decimal places in PHP. Is there a good way to achieve that?If you want to output the number, I suggest using the PHP function numberformat, that you can use like this Is there a function that displays 2 decimal places without rounding off when there is a even number49. How to round down to nearest integer in MySQL? 846. Reference - What does this error mean in PHP? 2. One Hour Record in Mysql. > AccountRight: Staffing and payroll. > Rounding off to 2 decimal places for hourly rate iI would like to have it rounded to 3 decimal places. How can I do that? I need to round one decimal place in PHP to two decimal places so that: 49.955 becomesRound floating point: prints exactly two digits after the decimal point rounded to the nearest decimal place. 2015-09-19. The following program round two decimal places of the given number. It means numbers are rounded into the above methods and shows the number in two figures after decimal point. I tried php numberformat() function php round() function but they didnt work for me.Numberformat() and round() will not work in your case. This functions adjust the decimals as per original math rules. No announcement yet. round into 2 decimal places.

I suggest you use the PHP-function. JS can be turned off by users.

Doh! I took a look at the original code and thought that the person asking wanted a JS solution. Php make zip file. Java check if file exists on remote server using i Run Multiple Java Thread. Execute shell commands in PHP.MySql cast or convert data(integer, float, double, decimal, date, etc) as character/string. I need to round down a decimal in PHP to two decimal places so thatphp decimal rounding number-formatting asked Sep 5 12 at 9:06 Adam Moss 2,237 9 33 58 1 but round isnt what he needs rationalboss Sep 5 12 at 9:12. PHP rounded, rounded, round function to use examples. Time: Mar 31, 2017 From Machine Translation.2f is the target format, where 2 said two f said float (floating point) for the third decimal fraction 6 is rounded. I need to round down a decimal in PHP to two decimal places so that How to round off correctly with NET Math.Round(,,MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero). If you are rounding to two decimal places you need to look at the third decimal place. If the value of the third decimal place is 5 or more then we round up, otherwise we ignore it. The second parameter formats the first parameter with the number of decimals it shows and add a dot in front of it. In the following example below, each number will be rounded to the 2 decimal places after the dot. I need to round down a decimal in PHP to two decimal places so that: 49.955. becomesphp float calculation 2 decimal point. How to best aproach rounding up decimals in c. How can I strip zeros and decimal points off of decimal strings? Always display specified number of decimal places in PHP (rounding up).Possible Duplicate: C Double ToString() formatting with two decimal places but no rounding Im using float numbers and I want to get the number of decimal points without any rounding-off being pe. Many times we need to format a number with two decimal points, PHP provides many solutions for rounding a number with decimal values. This tutorial list some functions which can be used to round a number with decimal values upto 2 decimal points. drupalHow to round to two decimal places PHP 2015-07-17.Rounding off 2 decimal places in Java for whole number 2015-06-24. I want to round off Percentage to 2 decimal places. How can i do that? will Double roundTo(Object decimals, Object num) this work? i.e.Related post. How to round a decimal number to nearest 5 or nearest 10 in php 2010-07-22. I need to convert minutes to hours, rounded off to 2 decimal places.I also need to display only up to 2 numbers after the decimal point. So if I have minutes as 650.Then hours should be 10.83. Heres what I have so far so is there no other way to round it off?Money is not continuous, it is discrete, therefore you should be using the decimal datatype, not double. This will accurately represent decimal values, as the name implies, whereas double wont. I have javascript code with computation, but I have problem in my result because it was not round off or fixed into two decimal places only. here is my code: