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Unless youre concerned about others on the network accessing discs in your Macs media drive, leave this option on. Enable DCD or CD Sharing on the Mac with the media drive. On your MacBook Air, open a Finder window and look for the Remote Disc entry under the Devices heading. А интересно, можно резать диски через расшаренный на другом маке драйв? Или, например, грузиться с установочного диска? А-то в гайде это подозрительно напоминает смонтированный по SMB привод. 34 Chapter 2 Getting to Know Your MacBook Pro. Using the Apple Remote and Front Row.Insert a music CD in your optical drive and iTunes appears automatically on the screen.Use the Print Fax pane to configure your MacBook Pro to access the printer. Youll find lots of information about setting Answer: Before accessing a CD/DVD on your MacBook Air, you have to setup the other Mac for DVD or CD sharing.Open a Finder window and you should see "Remote Disc". Double-click on the drive and select "Connect". Making sure your two computers reside on the same local network, open the Finder application on your MacBook Air. In the left sidebar, under Devices, youll see an entry called Remote Disc which you can use to access the CD or DVD thats inserted into the other computers drive. Share a CD or DVD drive for your MacBook Air.(Remote Disc appears under the Devices heading in the Sidebar.) Now you can access the drive as if it were directly connected to your MacBook Air.

OS X :: Remote Access To Macbook From Anywhere? MacBook Air :: Using IPhone As Remote With It?What I do not know is how to get the MacBook Air to see the CD in the iMac. If I am interpreting " remote disc" wrong and would be better off mounting a USB DVD drive. Step 8: Install the program just like you would if your MacBook Air had a DVD drive. Using Remote Disc to share a DVD or CD from your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer is that easy.Here is a guide on how to remote access a Mac from another computer to get After clicking Accept, the remote Mac can now access the CD we have in the host computers drive and will allow us to install software or copy files from the inserted disc. Wrapping Up. Back when Remote Disc was introduced, it served a genuinely useful need that meant new MacBook Air owners The MacBook Air has the ability to use the optical drive of a Mac or PC on the same home network.Tags: 11, Air, app, apple, cd, chips, computers, Disc, Drive, dvd, electronics, inch, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, laptops, macbook, notebook, Remote, repair, sharing, smart phones, software, Super To use a shared DVD or CD: 1 On the other computer, insert a DVD or CD into the optical disc drive. 2 On your MacBook Air, select Remote Disc when itactive window. 28 Chapter 2 Life with Your MacBook Air.

Secondary-clicking or right-clicking lets you access shortcut menu commands. The MacBook Air ships with software tools that allow users to do without the external drive option for most purposes.Without buying a SuperDrive, you can use Remote Disc to access files from the optical drive of another Mac or Windows PC after installing the CD and DVD Sharing software on the Slot-loading optical drive Your optical drive can read CD and DVD discs and write to CDs.34 Chapter 2 Getting to Know Your MacBook. Using the Apple Remote and Front Row.Use the Print Fax pane to configure your MacBook to access the printer. The MacBook Air supports wireless NetBoot, and the Remote Disc software that comes with the MBA (on CD) can turn a Mac or Windows PC into a NetBoot server, allowing access to that computers optical drive from the MBA even for reinstalling the operating system. The Remote Disc feature of your Mac lets you use files stored on a CD or DVD hosted from another computer.If your Mac doesnt have a built-in optical drive and you need to use a CD or DVD, you can connect an external drive like the Apple USB SuperDrive. Ghz intel core i5, running 21 nov 2012 for those unfamiliar, remote disc does pretty much what it sounds like, allowing one mac to share and access another macs dvd cd drive as 8 sep 2009 how enable sharing on a non macbook air, any mac, disks over network. The MacBook Air can wirelessly access the optical drive of another Mac or Windows PC that has the Remote Disc program installed, allowing the installation of applications from a CD or DVD.[15][16] It can also reinstall the system software from the included installation DVD.[17] If you have an older MacBook Air, there is a convoluted process for remote-installing OSX 10.6 MacBook Air (Late 2008 and Mid 2009): How toAre there any MacBook Airs with a CD Rom? Where does the ROM reside in a system? Is the Hard Drive a ROM or RAM or just a storage device? 1 On the other computer, insert a DVD or CD into the optical disc drive. 2 On your MacBook Air, select the Remote Disc when it appears under Devices in the.Increase ( ) or decrease ( ) the brightness of your MacBook Air display. Expos All Windows key (F3) Open Expos for quick access to all your The Remote Disc feature of OS X lets you use files stored on a CD or DVD hosted from another computer. It is a perfect complement for the apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or This CD RW driveI have followed the Apple instruction for using a DVD drive on my iMac from my Macbook Air.Of course other Mac software that supports optical drives can access the BDR-XD05S. When you run it on a MacBook Air, it will show a message saying youll need an optical drive for the job you can ignore this and click "Continue." As the next step, it will ask you to download Windows Support software, namely the Boot Camp set of drivers, and the remote CD/DVD tool. I am interested in the Macbook Air, but I need a CD drive, can I use any USB CD drive, or does it have to be the superdrive? Thanks. Nick.Discussion in Apple and Mac OS X started by X40Nick, Jan 17, 2008. ForceEject app was successful. Mac OSX 10.7.5. MacBook Pro circa 2008, optical drive front slot, last model with matte finish screen.5 Ways to Remotely Access Apple Mac OS X from Windows. How To Disable CD or DVD Auto Eject in Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Driver. Download. MacBook Air SMC Firmware Update v1.2-adds compatibility for the latest service replacement batteries.DVD or CD Sharing Setup Update for Mac-enables remote disc sharing, system software restoration, and wireless migration with MacBook Air. When I try to burn a CD off of my MacBook Air (from iTunes) using the external CD drive, it acts like it is burning the CD, but then when I try to play it the CD is blank. Many thanks for the diagnostics. Failed while scanning for CD / DVD drives, error 2380. You can purchase the optional external MacBook Air SuperDrive or use Remote Disc, a new feature from Apple that allows you to use the optical drive of another Mac or PC. After enabling Remote Disc, simply insert a DVD or CD into the other computer and access it from the MacBook Air. Get HUGE discount of access remote cd drive macbook air products at However, if you also have access to an Apple MacBook, you can use the MacBooks SuperDrive or Combo Drive to install your software on the MacBook Air using DVD or CD Sharing, as long as both computers are on the same network.Apple Inc.: DVD or CD Sharing: Using Remote Disc. Now that Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air, and Retina MacBook Pro have moved away from carrying internal SuperDrives, owners of theseFor those unfamiliar, Remote Disc does pretty much what it sounds like, allowing one Mac to share and access another Macs DVD/CD drive as if it was their own. Insert the MacBook Air Remote Drive disc into the CD drive on the other computer, and install it.How to Access Hard Drives Attached to AirPort In this tutorial, youll learn how to set up and use remote disc (DVD or CD) drive sharing for an Apple MacBook Air netbook. This can be done between Macs or between your MacBook and a Microsoft Windows PC. In any case, its an easy process and this video presents a complete guide. So when the time comes to get something off a CD it can be a major pain to get something off a CD. However there is a solution to this problem. If you take a look at a MacBook Air, Drive Sharing is available, so all the background code is ready to go, we just need to bring it to life. The MacBook Air (as well as other optical drive-less Macs, such as the Mac Mini and the new retina MacBooks) comes with a feature called Remote DiscFrom here, you can follow the same steps as above (starting with the fourth step) to remotely access the DVD or CD in your PCs optical drive The MacBook Air does not have an internal optical drive, and as such, to install software or transfer files from a CD or DVD one has to either purchase an external optical drive or use the " Remote Disk" function. When I power up the MacBook, the cd dvd drive I hear this loud, sharp, clunky sound and then a spin-like starting that emanates from where the cd dvd drive is located. The following Mac models do not have a built-in CD/DVD optical drive: MacBook Air.If you have another Mac that does have a CD drive, you can use Remote Disk, which will allowto acknowledge the confirmation dialog on this computer when trying to access the CD drive from your other computer. Though the remove of DVD drive for Mac doesnt mean blocked access to DVD discs on Mac. To survive with Mac computers withoutIt is compatible with Macbook ,Macbook air, Macbook Pro, iMac or Mac mini via a single USB cable to help read DVD/ CD and write to CD-R and DVD-R discs. To use the Remote Disc feature the computer sharing its disc and the MacBook Air both need to be on the same network but Internet access is not required.It is sort of like a netbook but bigger than a netbook. It is a fast computer, but the only disadvantage is having no CD drive. It is still a great An external optical drive by Apple, essentially a rebranding of the MacBook Air SuperDrive.Burned a data CD on a PC and wanted to check its readability on my Mac. now its stuck saying Fetching on Remote Disk Info. I personally only used 30GB for my Windows 7 installation since I will only be using it for VPN and some remote apps that have Windows only clients.Booting to rEFIt on Macbook Air. 2. Choose our Windows USB drive and let your Macbook Air reboot into the installation CD/DVD (like you would Now that our OS X/Windows host is prepared, its time to access the drive from our drive-less machine.To do this, prepare the Macbook Air as you would usually for accepting a remote optical drive for use. Then, on the Windows machine, go to Start > Programs > DVD or CD Sharing and I have a MacBook Air and I also have the external CD/DVD drive which plugs into the computer.

I put the DVD in, but how do I get it to play?How can i play sims 3 on my macbook air with a remote CD-ROM? The result is I am using my friends MacBook Air Super Drive and watching DVD right now :) Hmmm.basically you install AppleODDInstaller.exe on your computer first and then plug the MAC superdrive. and insert a CD for play ! When the MacBook Air was first introduced in 2008 without a CD/DVD drive, Apple included software that could remotely accessAccessing the shared disc drive. Back to the Mac with the faulty SuperDrive, open Finder and notice how Remote Disc is now listed under Devices in the sidebar. See all results for external cd drive for macbook air.Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Two-Day Shipping and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Internal hard drive not recognized: 1. Boot from the MacBook Air Mac OS X Install Disc 1. Refer to sections in the General.Note: To use the Apple Remote with DVD movies or ripped CD media on the MacBook Air, use.Macintosh PowerBook Duo 2300 series Problems With Apple Remote Access. Remote Disc enables you to share the CD/DVD drive of a remote Mac or PC on the same network. The CD/DVD drive is almost a thing of the past on the Mac - only one current Mac model includes one (the "standard" 13-inch MacBook Pro). The other option for installing software or reading a DVD on the Macbook Air is Snow Leopards built-in CD/DVD Sharing feature.(Remote Disc appears under the Devices heading in the Sidebar.) Now you can access the drive as if it were directly connected to your Macbook Air. In this guide I explain how to access and recover files from a failed MacBook Air, assuming its not the hard drive or solid state drive (SSD) related failure. Lets say the laptop suffered from liquid spill, was dropped or just stopped working but you dont have your files backed up. Home » MacBook Air SuperDrive. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of MacBook Air SuperDrive drivers. All drivers available for download have been scanned by antivirus program.