tcu class schedule spring 2015





3/18/18 SPRING BREAK.4/29/15 Lessons Learned Presentations. Notes. (1) Tuesday evening class meets on 2/17/15, which is a Monday schedule (2) Both sections attend the Innovation Challenge on Tuesday evening, 3/31/15. 6.824 Schedule: Spring 2015. TR1-2:30, room 54-100. Here is the tentative schedule of lectures and due dates.feb 3 LEC 1: Introduction Preparation: Read MapReduce Assigned: Lab 1 First day of classes. 2015. Spring. Schedule. Of classes.Test Vouchers may become available through certification providers and testing will be scheduled in-class. San Luis Obispo Campus. 32432.

Jul 1 (W). Holiday: Happy Canada Day! (no class).Jul 20 (M). Bias slides. Course evaluations in-class. 24. SMC Spring 2015 Schedule Table of Contents