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Osaka and Kyoto are close to each other (only 30 minutes by train) and you could also use a local train service, which do not have reserved seats.One of the must see places is Dotonbori, which comes alive with great food and Osaka atmosphere Also worth seeing is Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, opened in 1928 and featuring important works byThe best place to stay in Kyoto is downtown, preferably in or near the Gion or Kawaramachi-Dori districts.8 Top-Rated Day Trips from Osaka. 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nagoya. We wont go far from the Osaka - Kyoto area, and the people Im going with are more interested in history, arts, bush-walking and wildlife than in Buddhism but willIts not a must see for a once in a life trip to Kyoto unless Hiei has special meaning for you. Heres a highlight of our favourite things to do in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara ()!0:26 - Osaka Castle Osaka Jo is one of the must-see places for its history, picturesque scenery and its 360 view of the Osaka skyline from the observation deck at the top. Japan is the place to visit to see how the world can be blended in both history and nature with modern technologies, trends, andSo here is our take for you on Top 10 Must Visit Places in JapanJust an hour train away from Kyoto, Osaka is the almost like a blend of both Tokyo and Kyoto. Enjoy Osaka,Kyoto and Kobe with a local!Local tells Top 10 best places to see cherry blossoms in Kyoto! Local Guide:Arashiyama in Kyoto Japan!The best walking course Local Guide:Arashiyama romantic train Review Helpful tips! For my itineraryFrom gorgeous, historic castles and temples to kabuki theaters, we explore the best things to do and see in OsakaMust See Kyoto 1 Day Itinerary. Facebook Heres a step by step itinerary to help you get to all of Kyotos must see places in one day if you Osaka Travel . Its one of the most culturally rich cities in all of Japan and definitely a must-see place. But Im writing this from a travellers perspective. Ive visited Kyoto two times now spending roughly a week there and Osaka 3 times for almost a month in total. As with any city, it is always good to plan ahead to get the best from your trip, so with that in mind, here are a few of our must see places in Osaka and its nearby cities.Day Trip around Osaka City. Kyoto Golden Pavilion and Gion. Create an account. My profile KANSAI(Kyoto, Osaka) must-see places.I know every must-see sightseeing spot nice restaurant in my hometown KANSAI area! (Since there are some overlapped periods, dont calculate my age!lol). Note that this thread has not been updated in a long time, and its content might not be up-to-date anymore.

One day in kyoto, the must-see places.Actually we have we are booked for 2 nights at Kyoto but wed like to spend 1 whole day in Universal Studios in Osaka. Those who want to cover the must-visit and most popular places within a short time.I took it easy my first day here in Kyoto and spent more time just wandering around.Day 7 - Gotta Catch Em All in Osaka (Pokemon Center) and Mint Bureaus Nighttime Sakuras. Nara was a must-see when in Kyoto, we really enjoyed it as a day trip but would not stay overnight, and from Osaka we took an overnight trip to Mt. Koya - a place we will return to and make sure to stay more than one night (we stayed in a temple). When planning your trip to Kyoto and Osaka, keep in mind that the best time to visit is in the spring or fall.We mentioned shopping was big here in Osaka and the place to go is Dotonbori, pictured above, which is a famous shopping district. Travel guide to Kyoto with the must see places and attractions in Kyoto including Temples, Shrines, Gardens and much more.Kyoto. Osaka. Nara.

Hiroshima. We have just back from Osaka and Kyoto 2 months ago, i have to admit that Kiyomizu-dera Temple is our favorite! We somehow slightly earlier to see the leaves turn red entirelyKyoto is an amazing city and it has an incredible number of places that must be visited. It is also renowned as one of the best places to experience Japanese traditions such as kabuki drama, tea ceremony, geisha dancing, Zen meditation and high grade Kyoto kaisekiFor more information on shinkansen services between Shin-Osaka and Kyoto see our article on the Tokaido Shinkansen. You must choice places to visit. However, I guess most tourists visit at Kiyomizu temple, Gion district, Kinkakuji andSource(s): Have visited relatives in Japan who live in Osaka and Kyoto.Kyoto is one sight after another. You could spend a year there and not see everything but its not that fun aside In this 14 day Japan itinerary I show you the most important must-see places of Japan. Tokyo and the Kansai area: Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.Japan Itinerary Day 7: A day in Osaka. Osaka is the third largest city of Japan and a great place to entertain yourself. These are Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hyogo (where Kobe is), Shiga, Wakayama, and Mie. For this itinerary idea, well focus mainly on Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara.Any other places youd like to see in Kansai? These are the 10 Must Visit Places within Osaka and Kyoto area, its a MUST READ it if its the first time youre going there!This is the place of the iconic red gate (called Toori) that you see all the time in Japan travel ads. You can go hike up to the top of the temple or you could just take a photo and go Places like these make Kyoto calm and peaceful. Since Osaka was more affordable to stay at, we decided to land there and leave our things while we hopped on a train and explored the metropolis of Kyoto.Here are my suggested must-see temples [and a palace] in Kyoto Comprehensive Osaka Travel Guide Must Visit Osaka Attractions. Check out Sightseeing Places to visit in Osaka, Japan.Hi Tommy, can you pls advice or guide me as I am planning to visit Osaka, Kyoto and Nara for 8 days. I would like to introduce 10 best places in Osaka and Kyoto to enjoy Sakura during your traveling.

You must enjoy the fantastic Sakura scenery lightened up in the dark.Osaka Mint is one of the best Sakura spots and Osaka people are looking forward to seeing the elegant Sakura there every year. In Osaka, places like Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Amerikamura, Osaka Castle. In Kyoto, Kinkakuji, Eikando, Heian, Arashiyama, and a lot more.What are the must-see spots in Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto? Where are some good places to take a vegan to eat in Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo? I live in Osaka, but Kyoto is somewhere I have always found charming and I may well end up living there in the future at some point.7 10 Must-see spots in Kamakura once you are in town! 8 The Top 5 Places to Visit in Nagano in Winter. 9 15 Things to Do in Kobe. Today, the building is known as one of the most instagrammable places in Osaka.Entoku-in (Kyoto). entokuin. Kyoto has plenty of temples that its hard to pinpoint exactly which ones are must-sees. This list is must see places for 2016 and not must see places overall in Japan. If you are a first time visitor to Japan my Top 5 would be Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima. Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe brighten up with magnificent illumination shows in December! Check out these must-see events.Light creations made by illumination designers and contemporary artists will be displayed in various places. I am headed to Osaka and Kyoto in October for business and Ill have a weekend to do some sightseeing? What are the must sees and must eats?Osaka Mint Bureau is a very special place for cherry blossom viewing as its cherry blossom passage is open to public for one week only every year. 37 responses to Colorful Kyoto: my Top 5 must-see places.My friends and I will be going to Osaka on 3nd week of Nov. There are so many places to visit in Kyoto but we only allocate 2 days for Kyoto. Awesome Osaka Must See And Do Itinerary For Osaka. Heading to Osaka Japan?Remember to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates!! Winter is probably the worst time to visit Kyoto and Osaka. There werent . Here are some must-see attractions in Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe to consider if you have time left in your scheduleHopefully, this list about the best attractions and places to find food will have given you some ideas about how to fill up a day-to-day itinerary for your first adventure in Osaka. Stay in a place like Kita, Central Osaka or Minami to save time. The must -see attractions in Osaka are Osaka Castle, the Kita District and the Minami District.7 to 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima. Theres a saying that people from Tokyo and Kyoto will spend their money on clothes and shoes, but Osakans will bankrupt themselves on food.While Shitennoji is a must-see anytime of year, try going on the 14th of any month to experience the largest flea market in Osaka. This is a lively place to pick I visited Kyoto on day trips from Otsu in 2014 and Osaka in 2016, and on both occasions with my friends, we planned hard and managed to visit a lot of the must-see places in those day trips. It is possible to check out quite a lot in this time I hadnt really gone much in Osaka, but in case you go and visit the place, make sure you try out the foods and see for yourself why Osaka, Japans second largest city and the capital of western Japan3. KIYOMIZU-DERA TEMPLE. This is another must see in Kyoto and another personal favorite. Nara was a must-see when in Kyoto, we really enjoyed it as a day trip but would not stay overnight, and from Osaka we took an overnight trip to Mt. Koya - a place we will return to and make sure to stay more than one night (we stayed in a temple). Nara was a must-see when in Kyoto, we really enjoyed it as a day trip but would not stay overnight, and from Osaka we took an overnight trip to Mt. Koya - a place we will return to and make sure to stay more than one night (we stayed in a temple). Any butties can recommend me the must go places in oaska and kyoto?universal studio japan - better than the one is sg aquarium - got whale shark, pretty awesome osaka castle ramen museum den den town - for electronics dotonbori - shopping and eating umeda - more shopping and eating osaka After all, I cant think of any other places in Osaka that deserve a must-see label (sorry thats just me I guess).Since you have two days in Kyoto, my suggested itinerary for day 3 is this: Ginkakuji Temple > Philosophers Path > Nanzenji Temple > Yasaka Shrine > Higashiyama District If you visit to Kansai, Kyoto is the one of the place which you better to go.It takes about 1 hour from Osaka.There has seasonal beautiful mountains, forest, bamboothicket, anicient temple, traditional Japanese dry landscape garden.Please feel the taste of ancient city from Osaka to Kyoto. This is a must-visit place if you like shopping.So far Ive showed you two shopping spots in Kyoto, two in Osaka and one in Nara. Its interesting to see how different each shopping district is. Known for being more traditional than the big cities such as Tokyo or Osaka, Kyoto will take you on a journey that will give you a glimpse of the Shogun lifestyle and the Onin war effects and many other historical16 Must-See Places and Things to Do in Shinjuku: Explore the Unexplored!Oct 30, 2015. If you visit Osaka you must take a look at the market called Kuromon Ichiba at Nippombashi.Things to See. Kyoto, the Historic City of Japan, isa paradise for art and history lovers. Read on to find out the places which are not to be missed while in Kyoto. Osaka alone. The first half of April is the cherry blossoms season. If you want to find a good place in Kyoto, you should do so ASAP.I dont have a list in my head of things I must see this trip . HAHAHAHA. Planning for my Sakura sight-seeing trip in April to Osaka Kyoto. My ultimate super ugly hand written itinerary for my friends lol.So I guess thats all and nowlets get started with the must go places or must visit places in Osaka Kyoto. Rail Services between Kyoto and Osaka. A shinkansen bullet train bound for Shin- Osaka Station.If you do not have a Japan Rail Pass, you can take the Special Rapid Service on the JR Kyoto Line (see below) instead. Heres a step by step itinerary to help you get to all of Kyotos must see places in one day if youre pressed for time.7 to 10 Day Japan Itinerary: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima. It is one of Must-See spots in Kyoto. When you visit temples and shrines in Kyoto, you have to take city bus and/or subway.But you may visit other places, such as Nara or Kobe. Nara is easier to squeeze because both Kyoto and Osaka are very accessible to Nara.