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As for controls, Final Fantasy XIII doesnt necessarily transition to the PC very well, as it contains some questionable decisions.Dedicated modders will no doubt fix all of these problems, but what Square Enix has created is not up to PC standards. FINAL FANTASY XIII. System Language Protection CD Cover. : PC : : STEAM (Digital Download) : Cover Target.FINAL FANTASY XIII v1.0 [MULTI8] Fixed Files. Game Trainers Unlockers [Download] Final Fantasy 13 PC How To Change Resolution.Download Final Fantasy XIII PC Escape Key Fix Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Tags: ff 13 gamepad not working, ff 13 game controller, fix gamepad for video games, Final Fantasy XIII joystick, gamepad issue ff 13.PC Games of 2014. August 2014 releases Final Fantasy 13s PC resolution mod - Comparison video.To fix the resolution, simply download GeDoSaTo from the link below. Install it and once its running, you should be good to go Thats it Just keep GeDoSaTo running and launch FF13 Download link Click on where it says Download this To fix the resolution, simply download GeDoSaTo from the link below.Ive been following his posts in the FF13 thread on NeoGAF for hours now and Im so glad its finally available.----- Final Fantasy XIII (PC Version) was developed by and published by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 13s PC resolution mod - Comparison video - Duration: 2:04.Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC after framerate fix patch(60fps) - Duration: 1:27. the resolution fix is still in pre-alpha so i would say getting the game in a few weeks when most of this should be fixed.Im talking about the team that works on their main games like Final Fantasy.the original FF14 used the ff13 engine however it ran like fucking ass even on great pcs so they dumped Final Fantasy 13 (PC) - How To Change Resolution.Kimmy Cho: Thank you very much! ( > <)/ Rating: Final Fantasy XIII Resolution Fix 5 out of 5. Final Fantasy XIII - PC RESOLUTION FIX! (1440p Gameplay) Хорошее видео на разнообразные темы, вы найдете на нашем сайте. DSO Gaming did an article noting how the initial release of Final Fantasy XIII on PC had some pretty locked down content.This problem was made apparent originally with From Softwares Dark Souls, where modder Durante stepped in to fix the problem.

FFXIII PC Resolution Fix Tutorial (720p Unlock). How to unlock Final Fantasy 13 PC resolution. httpResolved !!!pc version final fantasy XIII problem ,freezing resolved !!!!! I Cant resolve this problem with freezing in game. Final Fantasy XIII-2 13-2 PC Steam How to Fix Framedrops and Performance Issues on Nvidia Cards.I have made some gameplay video of Final Fantasy XIII-2 13-2 which was released this month december 2014 on Steam PC. This is my PC setup I was using: 1080x720 Resolution CPU World of Final Fantasy - How to Get 50.000 EXP Early. Sakura Fantasy - How to Enable 18 Content. Senran Kagura: Estival Versus - Known Issues and Fixes. Civilization VI - Most Common Bugs and their Fixes. By Christian Pancho on November 13, 2014 02:16 PM. You might have heard about Final Fantasy XIII getting a PC version.It?s not exactly the good news that they were asking but thanks to Durante?s mod, they were able to bypass the game?s fixed resolution. Final Fantasy 13 hit PC today, but its arrival hasnt been hailed with as much pleasure as anticipated. Turns out the RPG is locked to a resolution of 720p, which is far below what the Master Race considers acceptable. Final Fantasy 13 pc Fix for laging and stuttering Final Fantasy XIII on PC Final Fantasy XIII pc Fix for lag frame rate FPS stutter resolution HD Review FF13 LowFinal Fantasy XIII Resolution Fix. Загружено 11 октября 2014. More Screenshots at: FINAL FANTASY XIII - 3DVisionLive Gallery. Fixed: - Halos caused by some water surfaces and fog. Known Issue(s)After the resolution update for the game from 12/11/2014: extract the contents from Zip file into the main folder of the game that contains FFXiiiLauncher.exe However, us PC gamers have caught the short end of the stick with the PC versions of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.But what was not fixed was the most important issue, the abysmal performance and glitches in the games. Players experience Questo contenuto sar visibile solamente a te, ai tuoi amici e agli amministratori. Final Fantasy XIII - PC RESOLUTION FIX!All credit for this fix goes to Durante. Ive been following his posts in the FF13 thread on NeoGAF for hours now and Im so glad its finally available. Here are 10 most common Final Fantasy XIII PC crash issues and their fixes to help straighten things back out for you.To fix this simply download Durantes plug-in, GeDoSaTo, and it will give you screen resolution capabilities of up to 38402160p. PC Gamers are complaining about poor PC port of Final Fantasy XIII, including lack of basic functions, VGA options, 720p resolution with 60 FPS lock.Game modder Durante provided an unofficial fix, at the very least to fix the resolution compatibility issue. The title were looking at today, Final Fantasy XIII-2, has been out since 2011 in Japan) and 2012 on the consoles. Finally, it has arrived on the PC and we could be more excited.Unlike the previous Final Fantasy game reviewed on this site, you can actually change the screen resolution. To fix the resolution, simply download GeDoSaTo from the link below.Ive been following his posts in the FF13 thread on NeoGAF for hours now and Im so glad its finally available.Final Fantasy XIII (PC Version) was developed by and published by Square Enix. Final Fantasy 13 (PC) - How To Change Resolution.First cutscene with Lightning kicking ass is beautiful, no lag whatsoever. After that, this exact cutscene comes, and it lags as hell. Will this mod fix it? This is the first of the full Final Fantasy 13 trilogy that Square Enix plans to release on PC, so its action to fix the resolution may signal acknowledgement of the problem that will factor into future releases. The pre-alpha GeDoSaTo tools for Final Fantasy 13 — which the application itself warns players "use at your own risk" — gives users a number of options for the games resolution, anti-aliasing and other visual settings. However, its not a perfect fix quite yet a few While there are several workarounds and fixes for inconsistent FPS (an issue not entirely unique to the PC port[12][13]), for some this issue remains unresolved Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3 vs 360) | IQGamer. Durante Presents: FFXIII resolution unlocking (GeDoSaTo plugin) released The PC version of Final Fantasy XIII finally launched on Steam today.Interestingly enough, noted modder Durante (who you might remember from having fixed up Dark Souls) has already released a plugin that will allow players to run the game at 1080p. With Final Fantasy XIII-2, Toriyama changed his approach. In 2011, he told Xbox Achievements, "our main goal with XIII-2 was listening to what people thought of XIII.Final Fantasy 15 PC Demo Is Out Now. Free Final Fantasy 13 S PC Resolution Mod Comparison Video mp3.Free Final Fantasy XIII 2 PC After Framerate Fix Patch 60fps mp3. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will launch on the 11th of December, it will include all of the DLC , PC graphics options and higher resolution support.Are you glad that Square Enix is officially fixing the port and bringing it up to standard? Share. December 15, 2014 - 11:36am. PC. Final Fantasy XIII v1.3 All No-DVD [CPY]. Download. This is just a promo shot, not a GeDoSaTo one. When Tim finishes downloading the gargantuan 50GB required for Final Fantasy XIII on PC, hell apparently find that Square decided to lock the resolution at 720p. The tool he released for Final Fantasy XIII on the PC, titled GeDoSaTo, is a barebones application that serves to fix the resolution issues—allowing the game to render at resolutions as high as 38402160 (4K). Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lets play Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PC! Console Buttons Mod Installation Hey guys, if the default greyish buttons prompt are confusingFFXIII PC Resolution Fix Tutorial (720p Unlock). How to unlock Final Fantasy 13 PC resolution. http final-fantasy-fixer.Run the utility corresponding to the version of Final Fantasy XIII you are going to play and then launch Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy 13s PC resolution mod Final Fantasy XIII [PC] 1080p Fix Gameplay. Similar is the case with Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. Although the game has been out on consoles for a long time, PC master race is excited to2 Lightning Returns Resolution Issue Sadly, Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII only runs at 1080p and you cant go beyond that be default. Yesterday Final Fantasy 13 launched on Steam, but there was one problem: its resolution was locked to 1280x720. Thankfully, modder Durante - the hacker who saved the day when Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition suffered similar resolution woes on PC - has released a mod to fix this nonsense. A modder has released an early fix that increases the resolution of the PC version.Final Fantasy XIII has been released on PC. The role-playing game, which debuted on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, can be downloaded from Steam and Square Enixs online store for 10.99 / 15. Thats a bit crap, obviously, but luckily Peter "Durante" Thoman (he of the Dark Souls PC port mods) has stepped in to help. Thomans ongoing work on his General Downsampling Tool (GeDoSaTo) already includes a work-in-progress fix for the Final Fantasy XIII resolution issue.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 FPS Fix. Try removing the in-game frame rate pacer. That way your GPU should try its hardest to pump out the 30fps that RTSS sets as a cap. Final Fantasy XIII. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games. Daniel Burgess: I cant get any of the resolution fixes to even work I refuse to play the game until it can be fixed. Stephen: Why?Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII - PC Impressions Review (FF 13 - 3). Final Fantasy XIII PC Steam. Final Fantasy 13 All Movie. Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay FULL.FFXIII PC Resolution Fix Tutorial 720p Unlock. Final fantasy 13 all summons. Final Fantasy XIII Resolution Fix. FFXIII PC Resolution Fix Tutorial (720p Unlock). Final fantasy 13 all summons.Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough Part 1 PS4 DEMO Final Fantasy XV Gameplay lets play. Final Fantasy 13s PC resolution mod - Comparison video. Luckily, we are the PC Master Race and we are fully capable of solving our own problems. GeDaSaTo (Famous for making similar fixes for Dark Souls 2) has fixed this with a very simple program.Related. Final Fantasy12. Next. Hows that for timing? Final Fantasy XIII-2s PC release date announcement caused me to wonder if it would be as bad a port job as FFXIII. Now, Square Enix has revealed that theyre also improving the previous port. Final Fantasy XIII will soon be updated with resolution options and graphics settings. Final Fantasy XIII-2 13-2 PC Steam How to Fix Framedrops and Performance Issues on Nvidia Cards.FFXIII PC Resolution Fix Tutorial (720p Unlock). Custom resolutions (720p, 1080p) and graphic options will be added. Yesterday, the publisher announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available on PC via Steam from December 11, 2014.