can you have your itunes account on 2 different computers





The above procedure and having two user accounts on the PC will maintain your individual program settings in iTunes.You can then sync different music/apps etc to each phone. This only works if they are truly the same iTunes account on both computers.The thing is, the account itself doesnt hold your music files, so you cant just open those files on another computer (like checking your yahoo email on different computers - doesnt work like that). Your music is unfortunately all stored on the computer that your iTunes is on. However you can still use the iTunes account on up to 5 computers. Just be sure to authorize it (Store>authorize computer). get an icloud acct for your wife. Share the same itunes account on both.Different question. First, iCloud does not auto sync your music libraries. You are referring to iTunes Match. When this goes live, which it isnt for a month or so, you can upload music to it from multiple computers etc. Keeping apps purchased through both of these accounts on the same iPad can be confusing. Below we have outlined the steps involved for loading apps from different accounts.1. Sync your iPad to your iTunes account on your computer. My question is can I use two different computers at the same time? In another post I explained that my home computer does not have internet accessNo problem if you set itunes to manually update your ipod. All the media that you buy through Apples digital content stores can only be accessed on iOS devices, Macs, and PCs that are authorized to use your iTunes account. You might buy or sell computers or mobile devices from time to time This app works in tandem with your computers iTunes program and with your iTunes account.Multiple iTunes Accounts. When different people buy music or movies in iTunes, usually each person is the only one who can sync that content up with an iPhone. Can i have two different accounts on itunes using the same ipod? I believe you can.I am presuming you mean your account. No you cannot.

You must go to your computer and open iTunes up. In this part, two different ways to deauthorize iTunes account on an old computer- deauthorize iTunes on Mac/PC and deauthorize all computers on your iTunes account will be introduced.

You can choose one of them to solve issue according to your need. Your iTunes same computer account can handle many iPods and iPhones on that particular computer and account.How can i add an already existing iphone to a different itunes account without changing anything on the actual phonejust updating it?2015-10-11. You can also link your apple account to a maximum of 5 different computers. You can even set up iTunes to link the local files and share files so its the same on every computer. And why is everyone commenting getting collapsed! You can use two iTunes accounts, but only one can be logged in to the store at a time. Purchases (free or paid) will be made against the current account. Updates will request the password from the account that purchased the app. Can Family Members Use My iTunes Account? written by: normakingedited by: Christian Cawleyupdated: 2/27/2011.All you have to do is pop in one iTunes username as well as password in all of those computers and you can share your music! Computers.Or you can create a second Apple ID for a different country, and just sign in and out of the store.To create a new iTunes account, youll first need to sign out of your current iTunes/iCloud account. Then sign in with your Apple account to your new computer and retrieve the songs you backed up from your iPod.I had the same problem as you a little while ago. You can access your itunes account from another itunes account. To make sure that each person uses only their iTunes account with their library, always remember to sign out of your iTunes account when youre done using iTunes. Despite having multiple iTunes libraries on one computer, you cant have different parental control settings for each library. You can use more than one iPod, iPad, or iPhone with the same computer?In some families, you may find it useful to keep all your accounts seperate. iTunes by default only has oneRemember: To select a different account from now on, you will need to hold down the key as listed above while Im pretty sure you can have more than one itunes account on your iPhone, might have to sign out of one in order to use the other(for downloading app or music probably).Can you have two different iTunes accounts on same computer? Can I Use the Same Apple iTunes ID on Different Computers? | It — To associate a computer with your Apple ID, launch iTunes and select "Sign in" from the "Store" menu. Youll be prompted to enter the email address and password for your Apple ID account. Deauthorize All Computers on Your iTunes Account. You can only deauthorize all systems once in a year.It also breaks iTunes limit to transfer iTunes media to different iDevices even with different Apple IDs. Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Apple gives you five different authorization accounts for your one account.Deauthorizing is useful if you want to use iTunes on a public or shared computer. You can authorize iTunes in order to access your information, and when youre finished, you can deauthorize it. Good afternoon So my partner and I have recently bought and iPad and I was wondering if you can have two iTunes accounts on the iPad so I have mine to sync with my iPhone and he has his to sync with his phone. Of course you can sync two iPad with two different iTunes accounts to your one computer. There are several ways to do this. If you use your iPhone primarily for business, there may be advantages to activating it with a different iTunes account than the one you use on your home computer or other devices. Every iTunes account is associated with an Apple ID. You can create a new Apple ID when you activate your This wikiHow teaches you how to move your iTunes music library from one computer to a new computer. , though you can also use the Home Sharing feature if both of your computers are connected to the same wireless network and signed into the same Apple account. Nowadays, iTunes music purchases can be freely shared among many different computers.As the dialogue box will tell you, once you enter your Apple ID, iTunes purchases made through that account will no longer play on the machine you are using. HT4895 I redeemed two iTunes cards but I dont know where I put them. Why Didnt iTunes Match, Match my song? I cant download a movieYou dont put iTunes accounts on a computer. iTunes accounts are used to make purchases in the iTunes store. iTunes libraries are on your computer. Click on your ID and in the resulting dialog box, enter your iTunes password and click the View Account button.Now, as needed, authorize the computers you currently use by choosing Store -> Authorize computer. Update: Corrected suggestion that you can deauthorize more than once a year. when you connect your iPod to your computer and open iTunes, under preferances, make sure that you are manually adding and updating your library/iPod.if you do that you should be fine, as i use my ipod on 2 different computers and it works fine for me. Answer: No, if you already have a copy of iTunes on your computer please go straight to the second section. Redeeming your iTunes gift cards (p. 3). All content from separate iTunes accounts stored on and authorized to play on your computer can be synced to your iPhone just as if you were choosing content from a single iTunes account.Youre syncing items from different iTunes accounts to your iPhone. Can you sync multiple computers to one iPod or vice versa? There are various third-party applications to allow an iPod to sync with two different computers or to sink theYep you just set up different user accounts and have different logins on your mac. Each person then sees their own iTunes.

Your family definitely will have an easier time syncing your devices if your iTunes account resides on only one computer. But I can understand why you might want iTunes to be on several computers for different family members. Install and run iTunes on computer. Account. Sign In.Once your Apple iTunes account (Apple ID) is created successfully, now you can use the single email accountHow to Log into Another iTunes Account. You are allowed to log in different iTunes accounts on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. Methods to Access iTunes Account from different Computer.To import that song on a different computer however, you have to copy the file and authorize the computer. Around five computers can be authorized to play music of your choice. can I get music from 2 different computers cuz it says its gonna replace all the music already on and I dont want that.Your post was very helpful. Its silly that the account is logged in through iTunes and doesnt default the authorization. There are a few different reasons why iTunes might repeatedly ask you to After youve authorized your computer using your administrator account, log out Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose File Get Info. iTunes music purchases can be freely shared among many Customer Question. computer so you can updateTo sign into your account, open up iTunes.I think it is someone that set up the problems to begin with the screen is even different and no picture or introduction read more. Did you know that you can manage more than one iTunes Library on your Mac at the same time?If you have multiple iTunes libraries, it feels like as if there are two different computers with different iTunes accounts on them. The computer that has controller for pc has two different users and i was unable to add both users itunes library.For example, by adding the tags [b][/b] before and after your text you can make the selected word or sentence bold. Authorize one computer with iTunes for both of your iTunes accounts.Could we log in to the apps separately? You can log into the apps on different devices with separate credentials so you dont see each others information. How to remove itunes from second account? What do i have to do when in itunes it says u have not veryfy your account?Can i log onto my itunes account on a different computers? Yes, you can go onto your Itunes account and when you connect your device you should see the name of the device in the corner or where ever48 - I am using my itunes account on a different computer and itunes wants to confirm my identity by making me answer my security questions You can view which devices or computers are currently associated, remove unused devices or computers, and see how long before they can be associated with a different Apple ID from the Account Information page in iTunes on your computer. Each iTunes account can authorize up to 5 computers.Step 2: When prompted, enter your Apple ID and password, then click Deauthorize. The Bottom Line. To deauthorize an iTunes account is not a challenge task indeed. Create Your Account ask a Question.I just set up my personal iTunes iPhone account on my sons computer and then proceeded to download an app for his iPod Touch.Or you can just authorize that computer, whatever works out best for you. How To Copy Your Itunes Li Ry From One Computer To Another.Move Itunes And Os From One Account To Another. How Do You Share Itunes Between Two Computers. Install iTunes on your computer, and setup an iTunes account to create the Apple ID. With it, you can log onto iTunes, purchase and download media onto your computer, and synch (transfer) that media to your iPad. Keeping iTunes Synced Between Two Computers | Your Business.Can you sync multiple computers to one iPod or vice versa? There are various third-party applications to allow an iPod to sync with two different computers or