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Two days after I saw some blood and now I am seeing pure excessive clear watery discharge please help me doctor.I had unprotected sx a month and a half ago, missed my period, I started having watery discharge today and I have a huge headache. I noticed the watery discharge about two-three months ago.I make it a habit to push out any extra fluids after sex baths or swimming to keep those "gushes" from surprising me not to mention if its bath water trapped up there, that can lead to an infection. By the end of the second week after the birth of the baby, the mucous discharges are replaced by watery ones, and acquire a yellow or brownish hue.A month after delivery, excretions are normally clear, yellowish or brownish in color, there should not be any blood. I get watery CM the day of/before AF too some cycles, not every month though just every now and again and yep not quite as much as at ovulation time.I get watery discharge a few days before AF. Its pretty much just like water for me. After delivery, both mother and child are exhausted and need rest.In the process, the uterine lining breaks down and is discharged through the vagina.Immediately after birth, the mothers breasts produce a watery fluid called colostrum which seems to have some immunizing effect on the baby. After 48 hours from delivery, the bleeding gradually decreases, but a small amount of bleeding is still normal.Normal bleeding should be light spotting with occasional watery discharge that is green, yellow or clear. Environmental Permitting Guidance Water Discharge Activities. For the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.A notice specifies the date from which it takes effect, which will be not less than six months after being served. FAQs on Male discharge normal. Hi iam from chennaii am a mother of six months old baby(had c-section and i am breastfeeding)After delivery,drIts normal to have watery discharge,but having discharge of the nature u described is normal to happen only initially in first two three months to During the second phase, another phone interview was conducted at 6 months after delivery among mothers who were still breastfeeding at 2 months (Chart 1). Chart 1 flow chart on selection of participants. A watery discharge from the vagina may indicate premature rupture of the membranes thatAfter delivery, plastic wraps or warm mattresses are useful to keep the infant warm on their way to theHe was hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for five months, and then discharged.[150]. Lactating women receive Vitamin A postpartum (with in 6 week after delivery) 2.

Iron/Folate to all pregnant and lactating mothers.Child did not meet discharge criteria after 3 months in TSFP.Watery diarrhoea without dehydration. Infant < 6 months and/or < 4KG.

Vaginal discharge can begin about six months to one year before a girl gets her period.Is watery discharge a sign of ovulation? You may notice more discharge when youre ovulating.If you arent yet due, this can indicate premature labor and delivery. watery discharge after taking emergency contraceptive pills. A: Hello Deepa, The watery slightly brownish discharge is unusual.Btw this went on for about 2 months before it cleared up and has never happened again. Its common for periods to be lighter, or more fluid than normal as your body recovers from the pregnancy and delivery. Still, if your period is wonky after giving birth, talk to your doctor to makeThis watery discharge will only last a few minutes or hours not the full length of a typical period. Ive had my copper flexi-t since last August and since then, pretty much every month since, usually a few days just after I finish ovulating, I get very very watery sour discharge that sometimes is only for a few days but can last right up until my period. 5. Clear Watery Discharge after Period. The days after period are considered as dry days. Just before the fertile period, mucus production starts.I am 13 years old, its been a month and I have been getting watery discharge. While irregular, absent or otherwise abnormal periods in the first few months after delivery may be annoying, theyre rarely harmful in any way.A Watery Period While Pregnant.The Causes of Light Brown Vaginal Discharge After Exercise in Post Menopause. 1) Общая лексика: водянистое выделение 2) Медицина: водянистые выделения Unsatisfactory water is discharged via the salt water discharge port. Sensing of the water is achieved by measuring the conductivity of the RO membranes output.9. The suggested time for the unit to be stored is for up to 3 months after the use of this cartridge. Although it has not helped a tremendous amount in the few months Ive been taking it, I really believe it is doing something.How long will watery discharge last after cone? runaway0202. Cancer: Cervical Ovarian. While normal watery discharge occurs mid-cycle, when youre ovulating, pregnancy-related discharge occurs just before your period is due to start, and may as well continue a few days after it was supposed to start. What is clear watery discharge after period? Many women experience normal milky-white discharge after their period. Doctors from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation say that white discharge is normal at the end and beginning of your cycle.2. 1 Clear watery release after ovulation, Is it typical? 2 Feeling wet after ovulation (before next menstrual period), am I pregnant?Normally, male sperm can live for five days after discharge while female egg goes on for 1 3 days afterComplications Of The Breech Birth And Forceps Delivery. Read more. i just started to have the watery distcharge. it soked my undies. I am realy late on my period. I havent gotten it for almost 6 months now! mostley because i been stressed.replied February 12th, 2009. clear watery discharge 2 days after period. Watery discharge in 9th month. Bookmark Discussion. Piyushasharma99 wroteAny type of bodily discharge would warrant a call/trip to the doctor or labor delivery. When my mom was pregnant with me, she told me she had discharge for 2 weeks and was told her water had broken! Immediately after delivery, you will have a bloody discharge (lochia) from the vagina. This will turn pinkish within a week and become white or yellowish after about 10 days. Lochia may last for 2 to 4 weeks and can come and go for about 2 months. Если женщина находится в репродуктивном возрасте, то из ее влагалища ежедневно выделяется определенное количество секрета. Количество выделений, их цвет, запах CLEAR Watery Discharge After Period. Watery vaginal discharge can happen at any time in your cycle.A normal pregnancy discharge should be clear, transparent whitish with no odor, blood or discomfort. Clear Watery Discharge After Ovulation. First, you should know that in case you are not breastfeeding, be prepared for your first period to arrive early, about 2 and half months after delivery.In course of time, you will find it change to a watery pink discharge. Anyway, Ive noticed more watery discharge and last week is was pinkish watery discharge.I ended up at labor and delivery after the second time and my test for amniotic fluid also came back negative. Discharge after delivery called lachemi are an important indicator of female reproductiveallocation appeared again after 3 monthsvaginal secretions become watery or white My six weeks check with doctor was okay. Since yesterday I m having a watery light greenish vaginal dischargeAfter 7 months of delivery conceiving is fine and what are the risks during delivery. Cream discharge before period and watery discharge after period Been off birth control for 2 months now.Why do I get watery discharge 2 days after period ends? It soaks panty liner. It is important to treat it on time or else it may lead to preterm delivery, miscarriage, or post pregnancy uterine infection.Therefore, you should not take any chance, especially when you experience excessive watery discharge after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Happens after intercourse, usually (but not always). For the most part, any watery discharge during pregnancy is, most likely, leukorrhea.Related Articles. Everybody knows pregnancy and delivery can be a stressful time Clear watery discharge in between periods: Is it normal? In response to hormone levels, discharge can vary in amount, consistency and appearance over the course of your menstrual cycle. For example, in the time after your period ends, you tend not to produce much discharge This discharge causes may women to worry about their pregnancy particularly when the delivery date has yet to arrive. If you are one of those women wondering what the clear watery discharge means to your pregnancy then read on and find out. Even if you did not have an episiotomy or vaginal tear during delivery, you will likely experience bleeding and a discharge called lochia for about 2 weeks (and perhaps intermittently for the next 2 months). All-Discharge Guide Colored, Clear, Discharge Meaning, Causes, Treatment. Yellow Discharge After Period: Watery, Thick, Causes, Treatment.Yellow discharge after period that bears a bad odor is a sign of a vaginal infection or sexually transmitted disease. (You should not discharge steam for more than 3 minutes at a time).After delivery, the appliance is automatically ready to make the next drink. Replacing the filter When REPLACE FILTER is displayed, after two months (see date indicator) or if the appliance has not been used for 3 weeks First I have watery discharge from my eat that doesnt hurt. Then I get flakiness right inside the eat hole that itches and drives me insane.She was complaining about the price of the Rx she and her BF had to take every months. 5. Renewed efforts should be made to strengthen those steps which relate to education, guidance and support for mothers before and after delivery, including after discharge from hospital, as they are the most clearly effective interventions. Watery discharge after nasal surgery. It is very common to have congestion and discharge following nasal surgery. Im not sure if you have internal splints in place or not but splints can cause congestion and a runny nose which improves after removal. Brown Discharge After Period.generally watery discharge is there two times at peroid of 9 months?what is cause i dont know? - Tina jain [December 12, 2015]. This is short lasting, not more than 3 months duration. So whenever it happens even after 3 months othBrown Discharge:Five Reasons To Explain Brown Discharge Instead Of Monthly - Duration: 2:20.Is it normal to have brownish discharge post delivery? 8 The Womans Organism Prepares for Pregnancy Each Month.If this occurs it may indicate a yeast infection or something similar. Keep in mind that if you experience an excessive watery vaginal discharge after exercising, this is often something normal.

Source(s): Gave birth 9 month ago. AB 5 years ago.31weeks 5days pregnant clear watery discharge, occasional cramping, and 2 small spots of blood. help please? A lot of constant clear watery discharge a week after surgical abortion? Normal Watery Discharge. 1. Leukorrhea. 2. Amniotic Fluid. 3. Mucus Plug. Abnormal Watery Discharge. 1. A yeast infection.If left untreated it can result in miscarriage, preterm delivery and because it may recur, infections in the uterus after youve had your baby. - After delivery, there will be excessive vaginal discharge called lochia.- Women menstruate usually after 1-2 month after delivery but it may tarke 3 months. - Mother can ovulate 40-50 days after delivery. After having two surgeries to remove very large fibroids, it grew back a third Time. I couldnt risk a third myomectomy.Hi Ruth, Yes I had a watery discharge in between my shorter periods for months after my procedure in September 2015.