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With SERIST, you can follow your favorite TV Shows in a simple, elegant and powerful way. Keep track of all the episodes you need to watch and get notified when a new one airs.Available now on the App Store Play Store. They talk about SERIST. Great way to keep up with your favorite shows episode by episode. To keep your shows and progress backed up I strongly recommend connecting the app to a Must App is the fastest and the most user-friendly app to track films and TV shows. Pure thrill. Keep track of the movies you watched, write reviews, rate films and share emotions with your friends. These cool Android, iPhone, and iPad apps help you stay on track on when your favourite shows will air, with descriptions and other information as well. The Gang. Showrunner is developed by hard-working, TV show lovers looking for a smart way to keep up with tv shows. The smart way to keep track of your TV Shows. Featured as. "Apps We Love". by Apple. The iShows apps are the best way to keep track of your Movies and TV Shows as well as the Video Games youve played! DuckieTV is the TV-Show calendar youve been waiting for. A personalized calendar that tracks the shows you like.v0.76 : Fixed calendar not updating because of Hidden Series DuckieTV now warns you while closing or navigating away from the app while shows are being added.

So many shows, so little time. Find the best video-discovery app to aid your TV habit.With Fan TV, you can create two lists -- Watch List and Im a fan -- to keep track of your shows. You can also create new lists to track, say, horror movies worth watching. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the more recent HBO Now have drastically changed our TV-viewing habits as on-demand binge-watching becomes the norm. However, new television shows are not often included in streaming services and most major networks still unveil their programming on a It can be difficult for TV show and movie lovers to keep track of what theyve watched and monitor things they are interested in.Enter CineTrak from XDA Senior Member 1a11ous, a free android app to find movies and TV Shows, build watchlists, and check reviews and ratings from multiple sources Trak TV Show is the best app to track your favorite TV shows on your iPhone and your iPad All the series- Choose your favourite shows among over 30.000 shows regularly updated.

TVShows Tracker. Between la carte TV services, online streaming subscriptions, cable TV, and the ever-less-cool broadcast television, it can get hard to remember when newTrack My Shows is a free Android app with no ads that notifies you beforehand when new episodes are about to come out for your fave series. Once you have installed the app, select the TV shows you want to track.Get live tiles and notifications about your next upcoming episode. Detailed hub pages with information about all your tracked shows and their episodes. Im curious how you keep track of what you have watched, what youre currently watching, and what you plan to watch in the future. I have a notepad with all my TV shows, but Im curious if there is anything more useful, such as apps /websites. Find TV shows. Quickly add all your favourite television shows to your watchlist.Track My Shows app features simple, but elegant, user interface, and doesnt require large device screen to use the most of its functionality. Showrunner is a smart, simple way to keep track of all of them. DESIGNED TO BE JOYFUL We believe we are living the Golden Age of TV, with itAWESOME WIDGET We know youll love our app, but that doesnt mean you have to open it all the time. See which of your shows are on next, how long Add your favorite TV shows to a Watchlist and let the site keep track for you: Itll show new episodes and will organize them in a TV calendar, will recommend for you some great TVGet suggestions for new shows based on what you watch. Have your stuff on our 5 stars, free iPhone and Android apps. Thankfully there are services that will check and add those TV shows and movies to a queue so youll always know where to find themiShows (iOS) or Twee (Android) both give you a way to track your shows on the go from your smartphone. Both apps are just for show tracking, so dont expect to TV shows are fun, and over the years Ive watched plenty of them as a result, Ive got a lot of episodes to keep track of every week.What about The Flash? Are they taking a hiatus again? Having an app to keep track of upcoming episodes answers such questions. 10 Apps to Track Your TV Shows and 06/09/2016 The best TV show tracking app Television Time. Tracking Show tracking should not only cater to live viewers swift discover categorize shows series tv.We use Fabric to track user behaviour and crashes. One good example of managing collections for movies and TV shows is Trakt, a web service. This already supports a full API allowing several developers to work on apps for our beloved Android phones.Trakt is a free web service for tracking movies and TV shows. TV Show Time is yet another good app that you can use to track your favorite TV shows. It allows you to add TV shows that you want to watch, or you are watching, and notifies you when a new episode of the TV shows youve added is available.9. TV Series. The app which Im going to mention in this article will help you in remembering the timings of a particular movie or TV show. Apps TO Track TV Shows will only be able to help by providing the schedule of a particular show you cannot watch any movies or TV shows on these apps. These are common questions when watching TV-shows. ShowTrack solves this problem with an ease. The apps intelligent and effective tracking function lets you worry about actually watching the show and ShowTrack manages the tracking for you. All this is now possible with FREE Trakter app, which enables you to track your favorite TV shows, your progress of watched episodes and much more. You can also make a watchlist for movies, you want to watch. However, Im not quite willing to pay for an app just to track my TV shows, even if it is merely the price of morning coffee. So after some research I came across an app called tv show tracker 3, which supports a freemium model. "The thing I missed most about no longer having cable was no longer getting notifications on the TV for my favorite shows. This app helps bridge that gap. Being able to track where Ive left off is especially useful." Tracking down the right tool. Before testing a variety of TV trackers, we determined what attributes made one the best.TV Show Tracker 3 TV Show Tracker feels a little outdated in design and has an egregious blood-red background that is used throughout the app, which wed like to change. There is a wide range of standard listing apps that are highly helpful in tracking the shows you watch.Concentrating on individual TV shows like Next Episode, TV Show Tracker is a better than average option for those searching for something a bit distinctive. Resources Reviews Tips. Need TV Show Tracking Apps? Elias Stevens 2016-01-13. 13 Jan 2016 Elias Stevens. 4 0 0. Do I Need A TV Show Tracking App? Sitting here The clock ticks Im trying to fall asleep but my 10 cup coffee habit isnt letting me If you want a simple, efficient iPhone app to track your favorite shows, then TV Showtracker! may work for you, It has a basic list interface where you press plus, add a show, and the shows episodes download to your iPhone.

DISCOVER popular and trending shows - STATS about your tv shows consumption - CALENDAR with NOTIFICATIONS of incoming episodes - KEEP TRACK of your progress - OFFLINE ACCESS to your data - IMPORT your TVShow backup - LIVE tiles for the app and shows If the other TV tracking apps like iTV Shows 2 and iShows arent satisfying enough, then you should consider giving Showlist a look. Ill admit — I watch a lot of television.With a television show tracker app! A handy Watch List keeps track of the episodes youve viewed and lets you pick up right where you left off. The app is free and doesnt require to log in, but to get a full access to even more content you should sign in.Keep up with your TV shows on your device with the FOX NOW app. Download the plugins for your media center or download a powered mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows.Automatically track what youre watching.Find a TV show or movie. TMinus : TMinus is a Social Countdown app to discover movies, TV shows and a bunch of other stuff that people are counting down to.I just released my android app Show Tracker with which you can track your favorite tv shows and get information about upcoming and recent released episodes. TVShow Time is a modest app available on iOS and Android that adds some exciting features to track TV shows. It has a simple interface and allows you to comment on shows. TVShow Time also lets you play episodes for shows that available legally on the web. Best Free Android Applications to watch and track upcoming tv shows and series and Movies, track tv seasons from Android App, Android apps for movies and tv shows lovers.Twee is an amazing app to keep track of your tv shows, your watchlist and more with beautiful UI and design. App iPhone Tv to Track Best Shows Instagram It may be owned by Facebook, but Instagram is still the best social network for sharing pictures and ruining them with silly filters. Off the pitch, it means top 10 best free cell phone spying cameras training Let TV Show Favs keep track of every episode you have watched for any of your favorite TV Shows so you never miss an episode again! The best entertainment related favs app out there. Not just limited to current shows, has just about any show you can think of. This is the ultimate hub to track your favourite TV shows. Not only is this the only info provider for all the three platforms but it opens the avenue to get any app that they provide the feed to. Try Hobi - TV Show Tracker Hobi makes it easy to track TV series you follow - simply tap a show you like and well do the rest. Show Tracker Remind me feature included Become the best fan tv New episodes notifications New releases notifications Best TVshow app Top-rated TV shows You can tag television series as favorites, track your progress as you watch episodes, and view stats on your television consumption. If you are a television junky, or just need to track your binge TV viewing, TV Show Tracker is an attractive and free Windows 10 app. Get the App Store Optimization Report, aso score, daily app ranking, keywords rank history, reviews and ratings, app store data for top apps like Next Episode - Track TV Shows on Apple App Store. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Stumbleupon. Whatsapp. Email. Advertisement. Television is getting harder to keep track of. Lets face it, there are just too many great shows out there. Between shows like House, Breaking Bad, and Lost wrapping up their seasons TeeVee 3 - Your TV Shows Guru. Entertainment. "Classy look to tracking TV shows".Episode Tracker Lite - Track your Favorite TV Shows for FREE. News. "The highest rated and Cheapest TV Show Tracker on the App Store now available in". Millions of television fans use TV Time to track their favorite shows, react to episodes, and interact with other fans.Easily my favorite app. Doubles as episode tracker social network. 8:51 PM - 3 Oct 2017. It was pretty much the Foursquare of the movie- and TV-tracking apps world. Years of lamenting later, I stumbled across Goodshows.TeeVee 3 is a beautiful way to track your favorite shows, complete with push notifications and a great Today View widget. TV Show Time is an app that is a calendar for your favorite tv shows. It helps you to keep a track of your tv shows so that you never miss one.The users can know about the Air dates, show overviews, and pictures used in the TVShow Time app .